Bible Art lessons for kids

Bible Art Lessons for Kids

Welcome to our blogs for Bible Art lessons for kids. Here you will find Art books for the elements of Art, Bible Art lessons and everything you need to teach your child’s heART for Art. We use the Bible to teach Art because creativity is a gift from God that we all have in various forms.  Are you ready? Let’s be creative!

Art Books for the Elements of Art

Children’s books make the best inspiration for art books because the illustrators know just how to use the elements of Art to attract their viewers. You can be inspired to create and use techniques by other artist through story books. Let’s look at some of our favorites for the Elements of Art. 

Christian Art for Kids

Drawing a picture or item can be hard for some kids when they are not confident in their ability to create Art. We fully believe that anyone can learn how to draw if given a few simple step by step examples. All of our Art for kids is geared to any age. You can change the art medium but the reason behind our art lessons is to remember the Lord in all we do. 

God has given everyone the gift of creativity. Your creative gift might be drawing or it might be building or designing, that’s your natural gift. But every branch of creativity can be learned to a level and we can start with drawing. 

Look through our “How to Draw- Art for Kids” lessons below to find Bible Art to help you not only learn to draw, but draw you closer to God.

Discover how to draw cars, trucks and construction vehicles. Every vehicle has a purpose and can remind you of God. 

In our how to draw who you are art lessons you will discover items all around you that can remind you of your identity in Christ. Only God who designed you can tell you who you are. 

Then you will find how to draw and paint all sorts of things from God’s creation. We use multiple art supplies in creative ways and any age can do this art for kids…. even adults! 

 Are you ready? Let’s make Art!

We believe even if an Art lesson, drawing or painting looks difficult, kids of all ages can still attempt or be inspired by the art. You may be surprised at how well they catch on and use their own God given creativity! 

Christian Art for kids

Faith Based Art for Kids

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Bible Art lesson, printables and activities for kids of all ages
Bible art lessons for kids