Young at HeART

Young at HeART Art and Bible study

An Art and Bible Course on 

the Elements of Art

for the Young at HeArt

Young at HeART is our years of experience teaching Art to 4 year olds, high school students and adults. The elements of art are the basic tools artists use in their work. They are also the tools used  in just about every art form in various ways. Bakers, builders, gardeners, dancers, musicians and more can use the elements of art in their arts. 

We designed this Bible study & Art course with the homeschool mom in mind. This course is an “at your own pace” study that can be utilized in 12 weeks or 12 months depending on the amount of activities you choose. 

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Young at HeART was written with the mom in mind who does not have a background in art, but wants to learn and teach her children Art and the Bible. God gave us all the ability to be creative and we want to give you the tools to express it!

We connect the elements of art to the heart through God’s Word. Bible verses lead the direction of each lesson. This course is filled with multiple guides using worksheets, book ideas, easy art supplies, projects and extra activities

What if I don't feel creative or
I don't have an art background?

We homeschooled our children and teach other homeschoolers every week. We understand the need for being able to teach multiple ages, various levels of abilities, and all learning styles. Our focus is not just art, but the heart of your child for the Lord. 

From the 4 year olds to the adults we have discovered that everyone struggles with fears and insecurities. Comparing ourselves or our artwork with someone else’s stirs up those fears and insecurities causing us to feel lacking or less than. 

Our goal is to:

• Arm you with Art and Scripture information to defeat fear and insecurities. 

•Teach you ways to find your creative abilities and your child’s. 

•Remind you of the Lord and all His benefits, because you are His handiwork   and a part of a bigger Masterpiece.

No matter your age, we can all be 

Young at HeART because

He is the heART of our Art. 

What's included in Young at HeART


The Lesson Text contains the definition and explanation for the Elements of Art and guides you through God's Word to discover the part the HeART plays in your art.

Visuals We walk you through each element with exercises and illustrations.

Scripture Each lesson has a focus verse for Bible verse memorization.

Artful Reads is our suggestions for books that you can enjoy with your children. These books further illustrate or tell a story for each element of Art. 

Stories are a wonderful way for children of all ages to understand a concept. Jesus told stories in parables to help those auditory learners get a more detailed picture!

Element Landscape is a continuous building exercise for each element of Art. By the end of the course you will be able to do a landscape using various techniques by heart!

Art Museum

Art Museum We can't take everyone on a trip to see the artists we are featuring. Wouldn't it be nice if we could though? For now we will have to bring the art museum to you. We have chosen 6 artists that illustrate the Elements of Art in ways that children will remember. Each artist expressed their art in the way they alone could, just as you too will express art your own way.

You are the 7th artist to be featured so get ready to be inspired and be creative!

Conversation & Observation Included is a 5 question guide to help you and your children have a conversation or observation about the works of art viewed. 

You can follow links to learn more about the artists studied. Many famous artists, though they had beautiful works of art, led messy lives or did not know the Lord. We do not glorify their work or the artist, but look for creative inspiration in the art they have shared with the world.


Worksheets We designed worksheets to help the visual learner!

Work the Word is the focus Bible verse for you to highlight, circle, underline or do whatever you like to help visually see the details in God's Word. Look for words and  phrases repeated in the the verses. 

Draw the Word allows for each person to illustrate the verse in their own creative way! This is a blank page with only the Bible verse for each lesson at the bottom. We have discovered through the years that when children illustrate in their own creative way what the verse means or represents, they have a better chance of remembering it. Oh how we want God’s Word to be firm in their minds so they are prepared for battle against the enemy which is sometimes their own thoughts. 

Element of Art page gives you the opportunity to practice the element studied. 

Work of HeART is an exercise with a heart. Although the shape of a heart is not really what our heart for the Lord resembles, it is a known shape to represent love. Because it is a visual kids understand, we use it through this course to keep their hearts on the Lord. Our prayer is they forget Him not and love Him with all they do and all their HeART. 

Fill in the Elements: For the more advanced students these worksheets can be used as a definition practice.

...and more!

Art Project  Hands on fun! Each lesson has a bigger art project to create a work of art using the element for each lesson as a direction. 

Supplies and instructions are listed as well as an example from another student. All projects are versatile for all ages and the supplies are simple and easy children's art supplies. 

Activities  We put together as many creative activities for further enrichment to correlate with the element of art for each lesson. Read through the activities and gather any supplies needed for the ones you select. You can also research more ideas for age appropriate activities through our Pinterest board we have linked for each lesson!

Pinterest Link Included is a Pinterest Board organized for each lesson to help you find more and more things to do!

Videos  We have the Art Museum, demonstrations, illustrations, the Element Landscape and how we work through the Word on videos for each lesson. Play and pause at your own pace!

A look inside Young at HeART

Young at HeART covers:


In-tree-duction (trees)







Colors (Primary & Color Wheel)

Secondary Colors

Tertiary Colors

Complimentary Colors

Cool, Warm and Neutral Colors

Artist Studied

Vincent Van Gogh
Wassily Kandinsky
Paul Cezanne
David Hockney
Frank Stella
Piet Mondrian

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