Bible Art Lessons- Teaching Art Using the Bible

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Bible Art Lessons

We love to create Bible Art lessons because God is a visual artist and we can learn so much about Him through His art! We all have different learning styles. That’s why teaching Art using the Bible and teaching Bible using Art is our favorite things to do with kids of all ages. God is the Master Artist and we are a part of His beautiful work of Art. 

It is about connecting Art with the heART!

Bible art lessons

God, The Creator, could have designed a world in black and white. He could have made all animals the same, all people the same color, all trees the same kind and all the flowers, but He didn’t. He gave us full color with light. He created all the details of the heavens and earth for you to see, enjoy and experience. 


Because He is a creative and loving God.

God used a rainbow as a sign of His promise to Noah after the flood. He could have just spoken to Him, gave Him something small. But no, God gave a promise in a symbol of light and color to display across the sky. He was making a bold statement in a beautiful and creative way. He touched the heART of Noah with His own colorful Art. 

rainbow from God's handiwork

The colors of a rainbow were a stroke of God’s paintbrush across the canvas of the sky to remind the world that He is the Master Artist and Creator. God could have made the world in black and white and we would never have known the difference. 

But He didn’t. 

Our faith based lessons integrate Bible and Art to help you connect your Art and HeART for God.

Bible Art Lesson -HeART Art

What does the Bible say about Art?

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about Art

No, you’re not going to find techniques to improve your painting, drawing skills or the best paper for watercolors, heat or cold pressed?

But what you will find is the ability to see God in an array of colors, ways to draw closer to Him in relationship and in your God given creativity and experience how you can use your creative abilities to glorify Him even in times of pressure. 


God is the Master Artist

God is the Creator of the world. He designed, spoke and formed the world and all that is in it. He placed the stars, planets, sun and moon just where He wanted them. 

God is the Potter and we are the clay. Taking dust from the ground, God picked it up in his hands, formed man in His own image and then breathed the breath of life into his lungs. (Genesis 2)

Genesis 1:27

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

God desires a close relationship with His creation, but it is people who forget Him, their Creator. God’s fingerprints are all over the world left behind in His amazing details, but it is the people living life as if He does not exist that breaks His heart. 

Like Art, life can be messy. But when we apply the rules and elements that God gives us in the Bible to our heARTs, we can become the beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made and unique work of Art that tells His story to the world. 

We can become the vessel used for His glory when we allow the Potter to mold and form us into His image!


Isaiah 64:8

Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

Bible verses about Art

You are a part of God's masterpiece

You are a priceless work of Art to God

A work of Art is valued by what someone is willing to pay for it. You are God’s work of Art. You are a priceless treasure to Him and valuable. So valuable, that He gave His Son, Jesus, to save you. 

When you look in the mirror, remember that fact! God does not lie, does not make mistakes and Has a purpose for your life. You are no mistake. Discover how you are a priceless work of Art to God. 

Does God care about Art?

It’s hard to believe God cares about Art unless you look at the world around you that He created. Look at the picture above one more time and notice all the colors, textures, shapes and beauty He gave just the birds and flowers. 

Does God care about Art?

Looking at the amazing artwork of God tells us a lot about what He thinks about Art.  He gave the world so many amazing colors and details…yes He care about Art.

The first book of the Bible, Genesis 1, tells us:

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. 

We can see that God created, but we also can learn in this chapter some of the details of creation. 

little girl with paint covered hands/ Bible art lessons

God spoke the world into existence and then as if it was a canvas, He painted and placed each detail into place. At the end of day 6, He looked at all He had made and said, 

“It was very good.”

What is really interesting about the Bible is that we can read details about creation all through the Old and New Testament. But one of our favorite creation details is found in John 1. 

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.  All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men.

If you are familiar with John 1, you know that the Word in creation that was with God, was God and all things were made through Him, is Jesus Christ. 

What’s even more special about this verse in the Bible and combining it with the subject of Art is that the Word in the original Greek language is Logos. Which is where we get our English word for logo. 

A logo is how a company brands itself. Think of some of your favorite items and you’ll know their logo, the “thing” that speaks for the product. What would Nike be without the swish? Fedex without the arrow? You know who a product is made simply by its logo. 

Jesus, the Word, signed His name to His creation canvas and no other artist ever born can duplicate it. 

But we can be inspired by it to create beautiful works of Art. 

So yes, God cares about Art. After all, it is He who has given his creation creative abilities. But it is your heART that He wants most. 


What Art lessons can we learn from the Bible?

blank canvas for creativity

Art can be found in the Bible in many forms. God created a garden. He could have created the world in black and white with no details, but He didn’t. He gave us light, color, textures, forms, shapes, space and lines…which are also elements of Art. 

Then you read about cities being built. Jubbel and David played an instrument. 

God gave Moses the design and instructions for His Tabernacle and then supplied His Spirit for craftsmen, artisans and builders to create beautiful details and pieces for it. Deep jewel toned curtains were sewn and embroidered with gold thread. Furniture and a lampstand were crafted to fill God’s place of worship. 

Later in the Bible, King Solomon would expand that Tabernacle into a Temple that would require more artisans and craftsmen on a larger scale. 

Throughout the Bible we read people who were tradesmen that God would not only use, His Word also mentions their abilities. Paul, Aquila and Priscilla were tentmakers. Dorcas dyed and sold purple fabric. 

But Art is a way to express, represent or convey a message for the artist or from the artist. The viewer can see the story or concept in the artwork. If we look deeper into God’s Word, we can see the story being illustrated for us to apply to our own life.

What Art lessons can we learn from the Bible? 

Grace and forgiveness for starters. The Bible is God’s beautifully composed story of His love for His creation… His people. 

The Gospel, Jesus dying on the cross for our sins in our place, is a demonstration of the Master wiping the dirty canvas clean. It is new! You are new in Him. 

His grace is a brand new white canvas where you and He paint a new story together. 

Child rainbow art

How is Art used in Christianity?

A quick study of Art History will reveal how Art was used to tell the story of the world and of its Creator. The earliest Art we have from Ancient Civilizations reveals artist illustrating elements found in nature.

As the years go by and more civilizations and cultures expand, we can see the story of God displayed in many Art forms. Pottery, murals, mosaics, stain glass, jewelry, furniture and architecture. From Ancient Rome through the Dark Ages, God’s story of grace and love was illustrated in religious paintings for and hung in the churches and cathedrals.  Discover Art History and how Art has been and can be used in Christianity. 

How can I be creative with God?

Art can encompass so much more than drawing and painting. God has given creativity to all people. It just looks different and can come in various forms and amounts. Art is a way to express the heART in a creative way.

Creativity can be expressed in artistic ways such as drawing, painting, sculpting, but there’s also… Let’s talk about how you can be creative with God. 

why creativity is important

Why creativity is important

There are no other creations in nature that can do Art and creativity and also learn new concepts.  Creativity produces creative thinkers, explorers, troubleshooters, inventors, risk takers, thought provokers, storytellers and an amazing array of visual and audible beauty to experience.  

crayon rainbow

How to quickly become creative

Unlock creativity rainbow paint colors

It has been said that if you want something to die, don’t feed it. Every organism on the earth needs to be fed or else it will die. If you don’t feed your creativity, it suffers. 

Treat your creative gift as if it was a living organism.

Feed it.

Nurture it.

Help your creativity to grow.

Also make sure you feed your creativity good thoughts and words. When you speak negative words to yourself or your creative ability it stifles your creativity. Words are powerful. 

Discover ways to help you unlock your God given creativity.

Ways to combine Bible and Art

There are so many ways to combine Bible and Art together. Coloring pages, illustrating, doodling, Bible journaling, music, poetry and sewing are just some of those ways.  How can you combine Bible with Art using your creative abilities? 

Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Many people find coloring to be relaxing. With the access to printing or purchasing made so readily available, Bible verse coloring pages are a great way to combine Bible and Art. 

Kids of all ages and kids at heart can spend time coloring designs while also learning a Bible verse or memorizing Scripture. That one coloring concept combines all learning styles at once. 

You can find Bible verse coloring pages in our Freebie Library. Just subscribe, print and color to begin combining Bible and Art today!


If you enjoy drawing, look at Bible verses to illustrate. What verse, story or concept can you draw that would illustrate and demonstrate what the Bible is telling you. Then how can you share that with someone so they too can see who God is and want to know more about Him?

Maybe your Bible illustration can show someone else a relationship with their Creator is important.

Bible Journaling

Doodling and Bible journaling allow the doodler to create a visual of the Bible that helps retain information in the brain. 

Singing, Writing and Playing Instruments

Applying music to the Bible can help an auditory learners memorize God’s Word to a melody or kadence. 

Even the books of the Bible known as the Books of Poetry, Psalms, Proverbs and Songs of Solomon, are poetic works of Art

Sewing and Textiles

Around the world there are crochet, sewers, knitters and textile craftsmen who make beautiful items that are shared with those in need. 

A simple “knotting” of yarn can produce a display of love to someone whose head and hands were cold. Knitting hats and gloves is an art form and sharing that Art is being obedient to God by loving other. Knitting is also a way to use your creative abilities to share the Bible through your Art. 

colorful rainbow knitting item

Art can be used to share God's love to others

God wants us to love Him, that’s the greatest commandment we have been given. The second is to love others as we love ourselves. Then He gave us the great commision to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. 

Every creature has different learning styles. How can you use your creative abilities to love God, love others and tell His story? 

By using the gifts and abilities He has given you to tell and remind others of all He has done and of His Word, the Bible! 

rainbow heart art

Bible based ART

Our mission is to created faith based Art lessons rich in the Bible to pull out your God given creativity. You can learn to draw or paint, but when you engage your own individual creativity you gain a new perspective with the Creator. According to the world, Art is a limited category of activities such as drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing and music. But creativity… that is boundless and priceless. 


Engaging the arts to connect heARTs to God

Our goal and desire is to find creative ways to help others tap into their creative abilities and remind people who God is, who they are in Him and to forget Him not. 

That allows us to create Bible and Art lessons for all ages that connect art and the heART. 

You can find more in our ReMEMBERers membership! We hope to see you there!

The HeART of You

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Simple exercises, projects and insights to help you give God’s creative child inside of you the permission to play!

The HeART of You Art Course
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