How to draw vehicles art for kids

How to Draw Vehicles- ABC Art for Kids

Let’s draw with our “How to Draw Vehicles” series. Each step by step video is designed for preschoolers and young kids to pause and draw along with us and then color as they like. All of our How to Draw Art for Kids are connected to God’s Word with Bible verses and activities to help your children remember the Lord.

Every vehicle has a purpose and can remind you of God. We chose vehicles in ABC order from our ABC Bible Verse Dot Markers Activity Books on Amazon or as printables in our Shop! Both are available in KJV or ESV.

Each how to draw vehicles video also has a companion:

  • Bible memory verse video to help kids memorize each verse. 
  • Handwriting book for Primary leaners.
  • Coloring, handwriting and cursive for older children with many of the same vehicles.

Are you ready? Let’s draw!

How to Draw- Art for Kids

How to draw an airplane

How to draw an ambulance

How to draw a bulldozer

How to draw a construction crane

How to draw a dump truck

How to draw an excavator

How to draw a fire truck

How to draw a garbage truck

How to draw a helicopter

How to draw an ice cream truck

How to draw a billboard sign

How to draw a knuckleboom loader

How to draw a traffic light

How to draw a mail truck

How to draw a do not enter sign

How to draw one way sign

How to draw a police car

How to draw a quick car

How to draw a race car

How to draw a school bus

How to draw a sail boat

How to draw a space shuttle

How to draw a tractor

How to draw a train

How to draw a no U turn sign

How to draw a delivery can

How to draw a wrecker

How to draw a treasure map

How to draw YOU

How to draw a zoo truck

How to Draw- Art for Kids

We hope you enjoyed our How to Draw Vehicles series and will join us in our Bible Art membership for more fun resources. You will find all the printables from our Shop plus thousands more to keep your children’s God given creativity in the Word of God. 

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How to Draw Art for Kids

Every person has a unique drawing style and individual God given creativity. Our goal is to help you with creative ways to remember the Lord. That’s why we designed the ABC Vehicles books and printables. 

One of our favorite creators for kids art is Art for Kids Hub on Youtube. He and his family have drawn even more vehicles for kids to enjoy using a Sharpie. 

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