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to help you Forget "Knot" the Lord

Hi, We’re Carrie and Nina, two crazy busy women just like you.
We love the LORD and share our tips and products to forget Him knot in areas of:

Art & Creativity
Bible Studies & Homeschool
For The Home

Let's be "wrapped up, tied up and knotted" together with Him! ​

Forget Him Knot’s  goal is to create and provide products proclaiming God’s Word as reminders to
“forget not the LORD and all His benefits.”
With a world so full of distractions, fears and insecurities, it’s easy to forget our connection with the One who designed us, loves us, and has a purpose for our lives. Our heart seeks to place God and His Word in all areas around us. To do this, we look for creative ways to remind ourselves and others of God and all He does. We call these reminders “knots”…. forget Him knots.


All of our free printables and resources to help you forget not the Lord are housed in one convenient page. 

Bible verses to remind you:


● Who you are and whose you are.

● Bible verse coloring pages

● Printables for homeschool

● Wedding planning help.


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