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Inside our Online Bible and Art Membership, ReMEMBERers, you have access to everything, we make anytime and for all ages!

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Bible Verse Coloring - Handwriting Books

We create Christian coloring books, printables and resources for all ages to help you add creativity, memorize Scripture and be reminded of who God is in our:

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Bible Art Lessons & Verse Memorization

If you don’t mind two crazy southern accents and enjoy playing in creativity, join us on our YouTube channel to explore the amazing gift of God’s creativity!

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Our Shop!

Forget Him Knot’s Shop is coming soon. 

You will be able to purchase Bible studies, Bible Art Lessons, Bible Memory Verse Printables and more!

We’re Carrie and Nina, an aunt and niece team of two crazy creative women.
We love the LORD and share our tips and products to forget Him knot.

Our goal is to create and provide products, Bible studies and resources proclaiming 

God’s Word as reminders to help you…

Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits Psalm 103:2

Carrie and Nina Forget Him Knot knot

Our heart seeks to place God and His Word in all areas around us and share ways to remember the Lord. To do this, we look for creative ways to remind ourselves and others of God and all He does 

in every season of life. 

We call these reminders “knots“…. forget Him knots. 

You can read more about us and how it all began. 

Let's forget "knot" the Lord together!