HALT! A Christian Parent’s Guide to Navigating Emotions


HALT! Who Goes There?  is a Bible study and resource guide to help Christian parents navigate through their child’s God given emotions. Available KJV and NIV with ESV

My child is having meltdowns.
How do I handle my child’s emotions?
How do I understand my child’s emotional needs?
What do I do when my child’s emotions seem out of control?
What does God’s Word tell parents about emotions?

Sometimes as parents, we do not know what emotion is driving our children and what is in control. Is the melt down about “this” or “that”?

The emotional traffic jam seems to be all over the place leaving you feeling helpless.

HALT! Who Goes There? is a Bible study and parenting resource to finding out which emotion is causing a traffic jam. We guide you through the why and how of navigating emotions using God’s Word.

Like a traffic controller uses his hand to direct traffic, God has provided Scripture to tell us where to go, when to stop and where He is. HALT is a visual tool providing you with the information and questions to help you work through emotions and reactions.

When an emotional breakdown happens, sometimes a parent can feel powerless to stop it, especially if they are not sure what is actually the need. Is it about “this” or “that”?

When you or your child are feeling “something” and you know your reaction is not what God desires of His children, HALT! Ask the questions provided and assess the actual need. Then seek God’s Word. Remind yourself Who He is, who you are in Him, and your purpose.

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