Yarn Painting Art for Kids

What would you do if you were told to use your creativity to make a work of art with lines, but without using makers, crayons, pencils or paint? 

How about yarn?

Yarn painting is a creative art project to demonstrate the element of art with lines!

Yarn painting

yarn cuts 

Painting with yarn makes great lines because it is one big pliable line! You can bend, twist, swirl,wave, zig-zag…etc. We used it just like pencil lines and paint.

glueing yarn 

cutting yarn 

gluing yarn 

For supplies, we gave the kiddos either black or white card stock, glue and a tongue depressor to apply the glue.

We wanted the kids to think outside the box …. or lines, and use their motor skills in a tactile exercise. 

It may sound like a simple assignment to glue yarn to a piece of card stock but it’s actually more involved. Some kids may even say frustrating! (smile)   

One of the most stressful and intimidating thing you can give a person is a blank piece of paper or a white canvas.

“What do I draw?”

“I don’t know what I want to make?”

“What do I put on this paper?”

“How do I make a _____?”

What colors do I want?”

“How do I draw _____?”

Sound familiar? Oh trust us, these are the questions that come to our heads too!

yarn painting 

Add to those questions, abilities, motor skills, abstract concepts and…

“How much time do I have to do this?” and you have a panic attack moment!

Or at least a creative melt down!

We should add too this concept that we did not tell the kids WHAT to create….. just paint a picture with yarn. 

For us, it’s not about what they made at the end of the class. Not that we don’t care or want them to make some fantabulous art.

But how they feel, what they realize they are capable of doing, what they discover about the yarn, glue or whatever mediums we use, and each one’s individual panic conquering moment….. that’s our goal.

Because when we allow them to play with the process, they allow us to see their inner  creativity. Hopefully they will use what they discovered at home or in art from now on!

yarn painting

After all, we’ve been paid to paint on the walls of schools, businesses, homes and a few other interesting places not to mention teach kids art for years.

Who knows what your kiddos will do with their own creativity!

Grab some yarn, glue, scissors and card stock for your own yarn art!

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