Aluminum Tape art for kids

Aluminum Tape Art

Aluminum tape isn’t just for the hardware handyman jobs around the house.

 We’ve been teaching kids Bible Art lessons for years to teach Art using the Bible and Bible using Art. So we are always on the hunt for something new to do or new mediums and materials to help kids.

We’ll take a walk through non conventional places for art and creativity ideas. The home improvement section is where we found inspiration for these ideas for art projects for kids using aluminum tape!

Art for kids using aluminum tape

Exploring Aluminum Tape Art for Kids

Unleashing Creativity with Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum foil tape is a versatile and accessible medium for children’s art projects, providing a unique texture and sheen that can transform simple crafts into eye-catching metal masterpieces. 

The reflective quality of aluminum foil tape captures light in a way that ordinary paper or paint cannot, making it an exciting material for kids to experiment with. Whether it’s creating shiny robots, shimmering landscapes, or abstract patterns, aluminum foil tape can add a metallic touch that sparks imagination and creativity. 

Children can easily cut, shape, and apply the tape, enhancing their fine motor skills and giving them a sense of accomplishment , but you may need to help them removing the wax paper backing or help keeping the adhesive from sticking to things. 

The Versatility of Heavy-Duty Aluminum Tape

For projects that require a bit more durability, heavy-duty aluminum tape is an excellent choice. This tape is designed to withstand little kids handling, making it perfect for larger pieces of art.

Kids can use heavy-duty aluminum tape to build sturdy models. Its strong adhesive backing ensures that their artwork will stay intact. 

Heavy-duty aluminum tape is also great for mixed media projects, as it can easily adhere to various surfaces such as wood, plastic, and metal, allowing children to explore a wide range of artistic possibilities.

Seasonal Art with Aluminum Tape

Incorporating aluminum tape into seasonal art projects can help children express their creativity. During the winter months, they can create sparkling snowflakes, snowmen and icy landscapes.

Spring projects might include metallic flowers and shiny butterflies, capturing the blooming season.

In the summer, kids can craft reflective sun catchers and shimmering sea creatures, while autumn can bring about leaves and silvery pumpkins.

Aluminum Tape Art Ideas

We have found two ways to use aluminum tape to create artwork. 

  1. By using yarn or something with a small raised edge such as twin, a coin etc. 
  2. Fun Foam. The Fun Foam is thick enough to give you shapes, but also soft allowing you to engrave into it. 
aluminum tape art Bible Art lessons

Christmas Art using Aluminum Tape

You can see in the videos below that aluminum tape can be used on top of yarn and fun foam. It is dentable, pliable and a sticky fun time!

Aluminum Tape Bible Art Lessons

Teaching Art using the Bible and Bible using Art is what we love to do. After all, God is the Creator and we are a part of His masterpiece. 

Encouraging kids to use their God given creativity also helps them draw closer to Him.  In this Aluminum Tape Bible Art Lesson, we take a stripped down version  of Starry Night landscape using lines made from yarn and then cover with the aluminum tape. 

This creates a metallic cross reveal. 

aluminum tape tree art

Aluminum Tape Art Project 

The aluminum tape is heating and cooling duct work tape. It’s a thin layer of aluminum and is super sticky. The strong adhesive is not forgiving in its stickiness! 

project supplies

After a couple of months lessons taken from studying  the Elements of Art, we have worked through lines, shapes and forms in all their various methods to create them.  

This aluminum tape art project allowed us to combine most of the methods in one project.  We have worked in prior lessons with yarn in our Yarn Painting project, so the kids were familiar with cutting the yarn and glueing it to card stock or a canvas panel.

doodle design

trees drawn

Aluminum Tape Art Step 1 Design

Begin with drawing your design onto a piece of white card stock or canvas panel. You will want to keep the design simple like a coloring book drawing because you will be using yarn to be your actual drawing.  

Trees work wonderfully for this design. Winter trees or Christmas trees are simple to create. 

glue outline

Aluminum Tape Art Step 2 Glue

Apply glue along your pencil lines creating the outline.

Then carefully place your yarn pieces on the glue lines. 


yarn trees

Cut aluminum tape strips a little longer than the length of your card stock. Fair warning…. the aluminum tape is stickier than any tape you’ve probably ever used. The adhesive sticks to just about everything, especially itself.  

The aluminum tape also bends and wrinkles easily. It is a very thin piece of aluminum and it remembers that it’s metal. Most of the wrinkles can be smoothed out with your fingers. 

Peel back about an inch of the tape from the protective backing and line the tape up on your card stock.

The tape that is overhanging your paper will be folded to the back. This adds some structure if you’re using  paper. 

aluminum tape

taped trees

Aluminum Tape Step 3 Defeat the Sticky!

Aluminum Tape is Not for the Perfectionist!

Take another strip of the aluminum tape and layer it just over the other strip. This will help with any gaps.  If you have a gap, no problem it’s an easy fix. Just cut another strip or cut a piece the size you need to fill your gap.

Layering the tape is a fun effect! 

If you are a perfectionist or have a perfectionist child, this can be a frustrating project. But problem solving and creative solutions are great skills to develop creative thinkers. 

smooth close up

Finishing the Aluminum Tape Art

When the entire card stock is covered, begin pushing down the aluminum tape around the yarn. We like to use both of our thumbs and move along the yarn’s line. Do this to the entire project!  

Once you have all your yarn pressed with tape, it will look like a metal reveal or impression.

press down tape

finished artwork

You can stop at this point and call it your art piece… or You can embellish the piece with more detail.  If you are using card stock, flip to the backside and draw texture details with a ballpoint pen. This will create an indention that will be revealed on the metal side. 

 On the aluminum tape, you can add touches of alcohol pens or inks for color or shadows. 

Aluminum Tape Cross and Sunrise Template

Aluminum Tape Cross and Sunrise

We had so much fun creating this aluminum tape project that we had to keep taping! This time we designed a cross and sunrise landscape just in time for Easter!

You can do this too. 

We made a template for you in our Freebie Library to print, and make. 

The process is simple. 

Print the template onto card stock. 

Trace the lines with glue. 

Glue the yarn to your lines. 

Allow to dry. 

Then place a strip of the aluminum tape across your page. Make sure to allow a little bit of overlap on the sides to fold under.

Next place a second strip of the aluminum tape overlapping the previous row to keep from gapping. 

Continue until your project is covered. 

Gently smooth out your background by pressing the tape to the paper. 

Rub your finger on the sides of the glued yarn lines so that they are raised from the background. 

That’s it!

Aluminum Tape Art on Youtube

More Aluminum Tape Ideas

Aluminum tape art for kids

Bible Art Lessons for Kids

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Aluminum tape art for kids