Christmas Art Project for Kids of All ages

We are always looking for ways to create something meaningful. Making Christmas Art projects for kids is a fun way to express the meaning of Christmas for kids of all ages. 

We try to incorporate  different art mediums and a few ideas that might surprise you from the hardware store! *post contains affiliate links

Christmas Art for Kids

Painted Stained Glass

This project can be accomplished with thrift store picture frames, Dollar Tree frames or frames from around your home. You can use the frames and glass or just the glass by itself.  We painted our glass with school glue and watercolor paints. 

Painted stained glass are in windows


We hung the frameless glass by gluing fun foam inside binder clips and then adding hot glue to the glass. Then hot glue your ribbon to the back to hang you painted stained glass.

Our recommendation would be to keep the glass in the frame! Simply hot glue the glass to the frame and then glue your ribbon to the back to hang it. 

We also made smaller ones for Christmas ornaments on the tree! You can find the 3.5 x5 inch frames at Dollar Tree. 

painted stained glass in a window
painted stained glass flowers in a window
dragonfly and flowers painted stained glass

Christmas Ornament Art

The Christmas Art project of branches and ornaments was inspired by a beautiful painting we saw on Pinterest.

Painting can intimidate some people from trying art so we decided to create something with just paper and simple art supplies.  Art does not have to be expensive or complicated to create something beautiful. 


How to create a Christmas Art with paper

We began with a piece of scrapbook paper with a wintery feel as our background. This from Hobby Lobby has a grey mottled design that is almost a farmhouse galvanized metal look.  

Lightly sketch out the branches of a tree. If you are new to drawing, just draw some loose lines and then double them! 


As you go out to the ends of the branches, keep those double lines thinner.

It’s even better if you criss cross your branches! 

Draw a few main (thicker) tree branch lines and then add smaller branches off of them.  

Once you have your branch lines drawn, Outline and final them in with a black marker.

We used a black Sharpie. Oh we know… it’s permanent and scary! Just go for it! 

Ideas to add details to your Christmas art

Color the branches any color you choose!

For dimension, add highlights of a lighter color to the top areas of your branches where “light” would hit.  We used a white gel pen.

With that same white gel pen, we drew snowflakes, but we also used these glittery stickers to add more dimension.

The sticker pack comes with various sizes and shapes of snowflakes that you can place anywhere on the page. 

Randomly place your snowflake stickers on your paper. 

Christmas ornament art 

We drew circles on a piece of watercolor paper. You can use card stock too if you like. The circles will become our ornaments that we glue to the scrapbook paper. 

Work in odd numbers… 3, 5 etc. The number you use will depend on the size of the background paper and the ornament circles you draw. (Trace a round object like a glass or round bottle.)



Doodle, draw and design your Christmas Ornament

The water color paper is thicker and allows you to use watercolors, markers, gel pens, colored pencils or even crayons to create your ornaments designs. 

We drew our designs with gel pens and then filled in with gel pens, markers and watercolor paints.

Draw any design with lines and shapes or draw your favorite Christmas theme.

Zentangle, doodle or add words to remind others of the meaning of Christmas!


Christmas Art for Kids of All Ages

Once you have finished your ornament designs, cut them out and they are ready to glue to your scrapbook paper.

Place them where you would like to “hang” them from the branches. 

Now we need a small ornament cap to the top of the ornament. Gel pens or markers will do fine for this. 

Then you can add real string for a 3-D effect or draw beads to the top of your ornament allowing them to hang in the branches.

We used gold, white and silver gel pens to create a beaded string. 



How to display your Christmas art 

Glue your scrapbook paper to a piece of thicker cardboard, foam core board, or to a canvas. 

Depending on the size of your artwork, you can cut it to the size of a frame or make a simple wood frame. 

We’d love to see your inspired Christmas Art!


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Finding Christ in Christmas

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