Pencil art for kids

Pencil Bible Art Lessons

Pencils are probably one of the first writing tools kids use to create Art, second to crayons. They can also be a great reminder of Jesus in our easy pencil Bible Art lessons and ideas for all ages. 

Let’s learn what a pencil actually is, how it was made and what you can do with it.

Pencils help us remember God’s grace and “draw” closer to Him. 

Pencils are one of the first art supplies we use as kids after crayons. Many of us started writing or drawing art with a #2 pencil. Even better, we learned the wonderful additional benefit a pencil has is that most pencil mistakes can be erased!

Wouldn’t it be nice if mistakes in life could be erased like a pencil eraser? 

We will discuss this more further down this post because our mission is to remind people of the Lord through Bible Art lessons. Pencils are a wonderful reminder of Jesus and how pencil art can “draw” you closer to Him. 

Pencil Bible art lessons for kids

Different Pencils in Art

The dictionary defines the word pencil as:

a slender tube of wood, metal, plastic, etc., containing a core or strip of graphite, a solid coloring material, or the like, used for writing or drawing.

Pencils began as a way to write with a tool that allows you to control your mark without also making a mess on your hands. The wood protects the solid pigment core and at the same time gives the user something to hold. 

If you are a true History buff, you will enjoy for a complete History of the pencil.

You will find pencils come in a number of options such as:

  • Charcoal

  • Graphite

  • Colored

  • Watercolor

Pencils for art lessons

How pencils are made

pencils for art and Bible lessons

Charcoal and graphite

Most pencils can be in a stick (more a compressed rectangular shape) or in pencil form surrounded by wood. 

Pencils are labeled with letters and numbers such as F, B, or H. You most likely remember from school test when your teacher told you to bring your #2 pencils to class. 

That is because a #2 pencil will write dark enough to read legibly and not smear as easily. 

But this is also why pencil sketching works better with softer core with a higher number. 

graphite pencil for artThe higher the number, the more charcoal, graphite or color you can use to draw. Also, the higher the number, the softer the medium allowing the greater ability to smear and blend.

It is also a messier pencil.

Play with the different levels of softness and hardness in pencils.

When we say play, we mean practice! Practice makes progress!

Leonardo Da Vinci would draw and sketch over and over in his notebooks to progress his art. He would use charcoal to sketch. How can you be inspired by Da Vinci to draw what you see in God’s creation?  

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colored pencils for art lessons

Colored Pencils and Watercolor Pencils

Colored pencils are similar to crayons in that they are a wax based medium. Like pencils, the wax pigment is surrounded by a wooded exterior. Instead of charcoal or graphite, their middle is an array of colors that can be layered. 

Because of the wax recipe use to make colored pencils, they can be layered and give a smoother result than crayons which tend to leave a waxy build up.  

For beginners, we love Crayola and as kids progress, Prisma.

colored pencils for Bible art lessons

Watercolor pencils

Want to make a child really feel like an artist? Give them a pack of watercolor pencils, a paint brush and a cup of water. At first glance, these amazing pencils look like regular colored pencils.

So deceiving, unless you read the side of the pencil you will have a hard time distinguishing between them.

But once you see the magic happen with water, you will quickly pick up on the difference.

Watercolor pencils for art lessons

Rather than wax that makes up a colored pencil, watercolor pencils react to water rather than repelling water. This allows the color to blend into a watercolor effect. The results are beautiful.

Once your watercolor artwork is dry, you can layer details on top with colored pencils.

Most colored pencils contain wax which does not allow watercolors to be used on top of them. 

Grab a coloring book or a coloring page to practice with your pencils. Visit our Freebie Library for Bible verse coloring pages. 

Download our KJV & ESV Colored Pencil Bible Verse Coloring Pages to help you remember God’s Word. If you enjoy them, drop into our Freebie Library where we have more!


Bible art lessons for kids about pencils
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pencil eraser for art lesson

How pencils can remind you of Christ

How can pencils remind you of Christ?

Pencils do what they were created to do… write or draw by making a mark. 

● Pencils are a reminder for us to “draw” near to God. 

● Pencils need to be sharpened to be their most effective. 

● Pencils have erasers. 

Psalm 73:23-28

Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand. Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.

Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee.

My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever. 

For, lo, they that are far from thee shall perish: thou hast destroyed all them that go a whoring from thee.

But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all thy works.


You are like a pencil that can draw near to God. 

Stay sharpened in His Word so that you can not only serve your purpose in life, but be your most effective!

Pencils with erasers also remind us that the grace of Jesus is His ability to erase mistakes. 

Ephesians 2:8-9

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

pencils forming a cross

Pencils remind us of Christ because when we make a mistake, we have forgiveness in His grace. Sometimes we find ourselves hurting someone’s feelings, sinning by telling a lie or acting out in anger over an issue.

God can erase our mistakes with His grace. 

Isn’t that wonderful? 

Next time you pick up a pencil, remember to:

● Draw close to the Lord

● Stay sharpened in His Word

● Be thankful for His grace and forgiveness 

● Leave His mark on the world


How can you “draw” closer to God today? 

Pencil Bible Art Ideas for Kids

● Draw Bible verse coloring pages 

● Illustrate Bible stories as your read them. 

● Subscribe to our Free Bible Story Timeline of the Bible for a way to study and color with colored pencils in chronological order. Also in our ReMEMBERers you will find Bible and Art coloring pages and worksheets to go along with the timeline. 

pencil for Bible art lessons leaving a mark

Pencil Art Ideas for Kids

Because crayons are made of wax and pigment, they react to heat by melting. Don’t throw away those broken or naked crayons! Create new art. The possibilities to move the wax are fun to explore! Pinterest Board

  • Illustrate your favorite story, quote, verse or your own story.
  • Practice drawing items around your home
  • Draw your house and then your room
  • Practice drawing your hands, facial features or family member
  • Set up a vignette and draw them
  • Work on shading shapes into forms
  • Color coloring pages using shades of color and layering
  • Play with watercolor pencils
  • Color with watercolor pencils and then layer on colored pencils for a new effect 

Discover how we love combining 2 of our favorites to teach Art using the Bible and Bible using Art. This post is filled with how creativity is a God given gift we all have and can use to glorify Him in many ways. 

Pencil for Art

Like coloring books, drawing books come in every age, levela and subject that you can imagine. 

Children's Books about Pencils and Drawing



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