Art books for kids

Art Books for Kids

Children’s books are some of the best art books you can find for kids. Inspiration for Art and creativity can be found all around you. Many artists and illustrators of children’s books are inspired by elements and items in the world such as animals. nature, and their creative imagination.  

When we research art books for kids, we look at not only the illustrator’s art, but also the stories being told. Many creative inspirations will be revealed and remembered when we engage multiple learning styles. 

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Art books to inspire creativity

Children’s books can inspire us to see the world through their eyes, but their artistic styles can inspire you to create art. We love using children’s books as art books for kids because the art tells the story in the books with more than words. 

Of course you can use “art books” that are geared to tell you how to draw or paint, but the art in children’s books demonstrate how art supplies and creativity can be used. 

Art Books to Illustrate the Elements of Art

Story books can inspire creativity and art for kids of all ages. Seeing another artist’s illustrations can help kids visualize a style or medium.  The elements of Art can be found in all sorts of children’s books because Art uses these elements to tell a story.  Visit our Art Supplies Gift Guide for ideas to put these books and more together with mediums you love. 





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Art books for the perfectionists

Being a perfectionist is not a bad thing. But when it comes to releasing your creativity, it can cause creative blocks.  Mistakes can be made into something else even more beautiful. The Bible is filled with people who made mistakes, but God used their struggles to create a more beautiful story. Bible Art lessons are a great way to remind the perfectionist that oops can be wonderful. 

Art books for kids through children's books

Art books about all art supplies

In our 99 Art supplies gift guide, we also link art books about crayons, pencils, chalk, paint and so much more! Authors are so creative telling stories and adventures art supplies have. 

Discover how we love combining 2 of our favorites to teach Art using the Bible and Bible using Art. This post is filled with how creativity is a God given gift we all have and can use to glorify Him in many ways. 

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Art and the HeART

Looking for more Art ideas for kids? Head over to our Art supplies gift guide for creative ideas and the supplies we like to use with kids. Who are we kidding, you will like to use them for yourself!

Have you found an artist  book or illustrator that inspires you? We’d love to tell you more about your God given creativity in our Bible Art lessons and how to find your creativity.

Favorite Art Supplies for Kids

Visit our favorite art supplies for kids, Inside, we have pulled together items from every medium to help your children enjoy their creativity.