Art books for kids colors the elements of art

Color Art Books for Kids

When studying the Elements of Art, color is probably the most exciting tool for many people, especially kids!

Who wants to only have a world of black and white?

God could have created the earth and all that is in it only in black and white, but He didn’t. He gave us light and all the colors you can see. 

We combine Art and Bible in our lessons because God is the Master Artist and we have the honor of living in His work of Art. Be inspired to see more of God’s world and the color He has given us. 

One of our favorite sources of inspiration is children’s book because you can see how other artist see color. Art books can inspire kids in the Elements of art and color. 

Elements of art/ color

Color is one of the elements of Art

We’ve already talked about how thankful we are for God’s gift of color. There are so many wonderful aspects that color brings to the world.

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Art books for kids using color

One of the most exhilarating and intimidating things an artist can encounter is a blank sheet of paper or a blank white canvas.

The questions, “What do I draw? or What do I paint?” can trigger all sorts of stress in a person. Kids included. 

Books are a great way to be inspired. Creativity flows easily when it is fed.

Books feed creativity!

 We picked some of our favorite books full of color. Some of the books explain color for the early learners, but don’t be fooled… they offer great information of color in new ways for all ages. 

Shape of Me book

Look at crayons through the eyes of a child.. or maybe even your own memories from childhood.

What color was your favorite and what color is your favorite now? 

Maybe you have a favorite children’s book from your childhood that you loved looking at the pictures. The story was not about color or art, but the illustrations and colors used made you happy or intrigued you. 

Color has the ability to make a drawing, illustration or painting move you because color makes a difference in how we feel. 

Crayons book


Children’s books are the best source to view creativity from a new perspective.

Be inspired by the illustrations, the story, characters, or even the paper and how the book is put together. 

Colors are what we see when light is absorbed or reflected. The color wheel is how we lay out colors and organize them.

Primary colors are red, blue and yellow and all other colors come from a mixture of these in more amounts and combinations than we can count. 

Seriously, there are currently over 600 shades of white!

Complementary colors are the colors across from each other on a color wheel. 

Cool and warm colors divide the wheel in half and give us temperature of color!

Color makes us feel and affects us in so many ways.

A bright yellow nursery can keep a baby up all night. Red makes us hungry and blue keeps us calm

Be inspired by the artist of these favorite books for art.


Duck book

Books about color in art

We’ve linked our favorite books to Amazon so that you can read the publishers descriptions and customer reviews. These are affiliate links which means we receive a small commission for the purchase from Amazon, but we recommend them because they inspire us! 

art books for kids on color
art books for kids on color
art books for kids on color
art books for kids on color

Art books on the Elements of Art

Discover how we love combining 2 of our favorites to teach Art using the Bible and Bible using Art. This post is filled with how creativity is a God given gift we all have and can use to glorify Him in many ways. 

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We would love for you to join us for Art and Bible courses along with lessons, resources, printables and worksheets to remind you that you are special to God. Use your creative God given gifts to glorify Him. 

Let us know what creative books you enjoy too!

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Art Books to Inspire Creativity- Color