Art Books for Kids- Elements of Art: Lines

Lines are one of the first elements of art we teach in our Art classes.

Color may be the most exciting element of art, but lines are what we use to create the first stroke, shape or object! 

Art books begin with demonstrating how to use a line and then progress to adding more and more lines!


Lines help us illustrate and direct the viewer to see what you what them to see!

Every picture created begins with a line. Even your name is lines because letters are all lines. It has been said, “A line is a dot that went for a walk.”

You can take a dot for a walk to tell a story with a stick man or a simple animal character.  

Lines can be wavy, jagged, zig-zag, wiggle, dotted, broken, curved… etc.  Our favorite art books for kids that illustrate lines are listed below and linked to Amazon. Most can be found at your local library, but all of them make great home library selections.

You can read the publisher’s description and customer reviews. *affiliate links

 Grab a book then be inspired with creating your own line art! 

A line story 

Lines That Wiggle 

 The Pencil 

The Line 

Andrew Drew and Drew 

Harold and the Purple Crayon

 The Conductor 


Not a Stick 

 A Line Can Be

 The Line Up Book 

Not a Stick



Some of these books we recommend in our Heart of You and Young at HeART online Art courses you can find on our Art & Creativity page!

Let us know what creative books you enjoy too!

 What are some of your favorite children’s books that illustrate lines?    

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