Art Books for Kids- Elements of Art: Forms

 Forms are the element of Art that give us a 3-D perspective. Instead of a flat image, forms give us multiple sides of a shape at once. Forms can also display light to show the depth, width, height or roundness of an object. 

Kid’s art books or even children’s books can inspire creativity and an understanding of the Elements of Art forms. 

Art books for kids elements of art forms

 In the children’s book A Box Story, a simple square is turned into a box that transforms into multiple items through the story.  

We’ve linked our favorite children’s books that demonstrate forms through illustrations, stories or both to Amazon. You can read the publisher’s descriptions and customer reviews to find books that catch your interest! 





Art books on the Elements of Art

Some of these books we recommend in our Heart of You, Young at HeART and our new HeART History online Art courses you can find in our ReMEMBERers!

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Let us know what creative books you enjoy too!

Art Books to Inspire Creativity- Forms