How to Draw Who you are art for kids

How to Draw Who You Are- ABC Art for Kids

Let’s draw with our new “ABC How to Draw Who You Are” series art for kids. Each step by step video is designed for preschoolers and young kids to pause and draw along with us and then color as they like. Every item selected is things around you that can remind you of God and who you are in Him. Learn your ABCs, draw with us and draw closer to God.  

Only God’s Word can tell you who you are. Your identity is found in Him.

We chose items in ABC order from our ABC Bible Verse Dot Markers printables. Click on the two books below for all the coloring, letter tracing and dot marker fun your little ones can enjoy. Then draw with us as we work through step by step to create similar items from our books or printables. 

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Grab a pencil and paper!

ABC Dotters of the King-

Are you ready? Let’s draw!

How to Draw- Art for Kids

How to draw an apple

How to draw beautiful flowers

How to draw stick children

How to draw a tree

How to draw a heart and cross

How to draw flowers and grass

How to draw a

How to draw a heart

How to draw a

How to draw a dragonfly

How to draw balloons

How to draw a lighthouse

How to draw with polkadots

How to draw a butterfly

How to draw a door

How to draw a treasure chest

How to draw a sword and shield

How to draw a crown

How to draw stars

How to draw a ladybug

How to draw a bumblebee

How to draw a bird

How to draw a catterpillar

How to draw a caterpillar art for kids

How to draw a treasure map

How to draw YOU

How to draw a sunrise

Each of these items are also connected to the Bible verses used from the ESV. 

 You can watch the ABC Who You Are Bible memory verses as you learn them. 

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