Fall Art for Kids

Fall Art for Kids

The fall brings the beautiful colors or yellow, gold, orange, red, browns and mixed with green its our favorite time of the year. Fall pumpkins and trees are so much fun to draw or paint. We love using a variety of art mediums when painting pumpkins because each art supply brings a new creative experience. *Affiliates listed below. 

When we create art for kids, we keep in mind all ages and levels or abilities. Most of our art for kids are made with things you already have in your home. But if not, we use less expensive supplies so we can create art and creative play. Be sure to visit our Art For Kids section for more how to draw and paint Bible Art lessons! So we hope you will stick around and draw with us as you draw closer to the Lord.

Don’t be afraid to mix new art mediums with the ones we chose. You never know what new art will come from your experiment. We have painted with markers, chalk pastels and glue. So try various supplies with pumpkins, trees and leaves for exciting fall art!

How to Draw and Watercolor Pumpkins
Art for Kids

Watercolors are a great way to make pumpkins look extra fancy. You can use palette watercolors, watercolor pencils or our favorite liquid watercolors. You can draw with a pencil and then watercolor paint your pumpkin, or you can draw with black acrylic paint mixed with school glue for a more textured fall art project. 

You can draw and paint fall pumpkins with more than pencils and paint. We love playing around with yarn, paper or even aluminum tape to make art for kids. The aluminum tape is really sticky so little hands might need help keeping it

How to Draw and Paint Pumpkins
with Markers Art for Kids

Crayola Markers are our new favorite way to paint. Yes, you read that correctly. You can paint with Crayola Markers because they are water based and when touched with a wet paintbrush, it will move the ink just like watercolors. We show you how to draw and paint with markers for these pumpkins and inspired art from our visit to the pumpkin patch. 

You can never go wrong with paper in art. We created the following pumpkins using different techniques. All are levels of art for kids of all ages. Painting with chalk pastels and liquid starch was a less messy art session. The chalk moves just like watercolors when you paint with the starch.

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