How to draw landscapes art for kids

How to Draw and Paint Landscapes
Art for Kids

Drawing and painting  landscapes has been a favorite subject for thousands of years. Artist and designers have captured the landscape of this earth through simple line drawings, realistic paintings, abstracts, photography and many more artistic ways. *affiliates included.

Our Art for kids videos on landscapes are simple step by step instructions to help your children learn to create landscapes and see God’s creation with new perspectives. Oh who are we kidding, we love to create art for kids on just about anything God has provided on His earth.

Learning how to draw or paint landscapes is not hard once you understand the main elements needed and how they work.

  • Background
  • Middle ground
  • Foreground

Look around you. God has provided inspiration everywhere to help you never draw the same landscape twice. No two sunrises or sunsets are ever the same and your art will not be exactly like someone else’s art. So don’t be afraid to try a landscape. 

Once you remember those key elements, the rest is easy! Are you ready? Let’s create!

How to Draw a Sunrise Landscape Art for Kids

Landscapes can be simple jagged lines to form mountains, or a smooth line for trees to grow. Your landscape can have flowers or trees in the distance that resemble little polka dots of color or a white snowy creek. 

We enjoy creating landscape art for kids using all sort of art supplies. Crayola Markers are fun to paint with and work just like watercolors. If you have not painted with melted crayons, you really need to try it. Sometimes we mix mediums such as watercolors and acrylic paints, but working with aluminum tape is a kid favorite. 

Whatever landscape you decide to capture in art, remember the Lord and His amazing design. 

It has been said, “The earth without art is eh“, but in our opinion the earth without God is nothing. It is His and everything in it. 

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Easy Landscape Art for Kids

Discover the full tutorial for how we painted this face the mountain landscape in our step by step video available in our Bible Art membership. Look closely, the mountain is face. 

Bible Art Lesson for Kids

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