How to draw trees art for kids

How to Draw Trees Art for Kids

Trees are some of our favorite items of God’s creation to create art for kids. Why? Because just like you, there are no two trees just alike. Down to the veins in the leaves each are unique and so are you. 

God’s Word is filled with trees. He even compares us to being a tree of righteousness. We are the branches to His vine with a purpose to bear good fruit. 

You can learn how to draw trees in our step by step videos or paint with us in our art lessons. Inspiration is all around you!

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Are you ready? Let’s create!

How to Draw Trees

You will discover various art mediums we have used below to create trees in art from crayons, paint to aluminum tape art. Don’t be afraid to mix mediums or try an art lesson with a different art supply. Just create something beautiful! *affiliate links

Kids love Crayola Markers. Did you know you can also paint with them? 

Oh and melting crayons is so much fun for kids to do. It’s using an art supply in a new way. This does require guidance because the hair dryer can be quite hot on little fingers. 

You’ll notice we included creative colorful tree rather than just greens and natural colors. Just grab your favorite art supply and colors you enjoy and make something beautiful!

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