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Training up a child

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There are Bible verses in the Bible for just about anything and everything. Maybe your situation or issue is not named in the Bible specifically, but many trials, struggles, situations and worries fall under, “casting your cares on God”.  We have listed Bible verses about areas in life to help you remember the Lord. 

ur desire is to forget not the Lord so we create resources and products to help others forget Him not. Part of that mission is to remind people of Bible verses to Remember the Word. 

You see, the Word is the Lord. So when we remember the Word of God in all that we do, we are remembering the Lord. 

When we remember the Lord, we remember what His Word tells us to do.  We have pulled together and organized Bible verses to help you remember the Word in all areas of life. 

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Bible verses about

Bible verses to remember whose you are

Bible verses for who you say I am?

Bible verses for who I am in Christ

Bible verses for who God is

Bible verses whose you are for girls

Bible verses about growing your relationship with God

Bible verses about following Jesus

Bible verses about love

Bible verses about fear

Bible verses when I am overwhelmed

Bible verses for back to school

Bible verses on the go with God

Bible verses for training up a child

Bible verses for weddings

Bible verses for Easter

Bible verses about thankfulness and thanksgiving/

Bible verses about thankfulness

Christmas Bible Verses

Bible verses about Christmas (coming soon)

Bible verses about the new year

Bible verses about anything

Bible Verses About Identity

Only the Creator of life can tell you who you truly are. Being a Christian is following the teachings of Jesus and accepting His love and mercy. We pulled together 100+ Bible verses about identity and who struggled with an identity crisis in the Bible. 

He gave us life and then gave His life so that we can life with Him in heaven. In the meantime, we live in Him on this earth. 

Jesus loves children online Bible study for beginners

Remember Whose You Are

Do you ever have days where you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore? 

Somedays people, life and events get in the way of our “knowing” and we find ourselves wondering. 

You will hear people even say, “I need to find myself!”

“Who am I?”

“Why am I here?”

Those are the days we need reminding, that we are part of something bigger….something connected to a bigger purpose. We pulled together 7 Bible verses to remember who you are and whose you are.

children reading their Bibles Online beginners Bible study

Who Do You Say I Am? Bible Verses

Knowing who you are seems to be something the world is struggling to comprehend. The battle does not affect adults only, but has poured down onto the teenagers and is trickling down into the younger generations. 

After all, kids watch and emulate what they see around them. If only they could see who they are through God’s Word rather than the world. We pulled together these Bible verses to remember who God says I am to remind others who they are to Him.

Bible verses for fun in the Son

Bible verses about courage

Who I am in Christ Bible Verses/

Who I Am In Christ

The identity crisis is real. The world is full of people trying to “find themselves”. People are looking around the world, social media and to influencers to help them discover who they are, what their purpose is and how to achieve success. But the answers won’t give them peace or truth. 

Who you are can only be found in the One who made you and gave you life. Rather than looking to the world, we should look to the Word which shines a light on us to know who I am in Christ!

training up a child Bible verses

Bible Verses for Training Up a Child

The Bible gives us our purpose. Our main role as a parent is to train up a child to know God and follow Him.

It can be a hard job with all of the distractions in this world that want to keep them off track. Being a parent of a child is an amazing purpose God has given His creation. You are responsible for teaching your child about who God is, who they are in Him, and that they too have a purpose on this earth. No pressure, right?

Let’s discover how God desires for us to parent with Bible verses to train up a child.

Bible Verses For Overwhelm

Wouldn’t it feel good to just be “whelmed” rather than “overwhelmed”.

Where exactly was the point that overtook us beyond whelmed? 

When you are over being overwhelmed remember who God is!

Bible verses for Overwhelmed

Bible Verses When I Feel Overwhelmed

Can we just say, “We’re over being overwhelmed”…. or would it be more accurate to say, “We’re over being whelmed in general?” 

After feeling overwhelmed ourselves, we pulled together 7 of our favorite Bible verses that remind us of Who God is when we feel overwhelmed. We all need the reminders!

Bible Verses when I am Afraid

Fear and anxieties do their best to keep us from doing things out of our comfort zones.

There are some fears that keep us afraid to do anything! Trusting God is what helps us when we are afraid. He is greater than anything we can face.

two people afraid

Bible Verses When I am Afraid

God has made sure that we have reminders in His Word to assure us to “fear not” and “do not be afraid”. You will find 365 times these words are used throughout the Bible as an example of how the Lord feels about fear and being afraid…. that’s like a vitamin a day for the year. 

We pulled together 7 Bible verses to remember when you feel afraid.


Bible Verses About Love

Love is something the entire world is searching for and wanting.  But many people are like the country song lyric, “Looking for love in all the wrong places.”

Everything we can study from the Bible is about God and His relationship with His creation. It is about love. 


God is love.

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Bible Verses About Love-
My Purpose


What is it about love that can make a person feel and do crazy things to obtain it?

There is something about being loved and being in love that deep inside people need. It’s really not all that surprising. God created humans with the capacity and desire to love. Bible verses about love can help us know and remember what love truly is. 


Yes, there are some hard stories in the Bible to read and see that our loving God can also destroy the world in a flood, swallow up people in the earth who were disobedient and rage war on enemy nations. 

But we also have to remember that it is His earth, His creation, His rules to follow and He can do with it as He sees best. Most of those stories in the Bible are about the evil on the earth and those who reject Him as their God.  

Sadly, many of those stories are also about people who forgot that God is God and that we are to worship Him only. 

Actually, Jesus gave us the greatest commandment that we can obery. It is our greatest purpose to love Him and then others as yourself. 

God loved the world so much that He gave His Son, Jesus, to pay for the sins of the world. 

Jesus loved the world so much that He willinging gave His life for us so that we could live with Him and have eternal life. 

While on this earth, your purpose is to love like He loves. 

God's hands holding the World

Bible Verses for Who God Is- The Names of God

There are names that God gave for who He is.

A name designates a title, an identity, a position and a purpose.

What is amazing about each name for God is that it can also identify who we are.

His names are all for us to know and remember because you cannot separate Who God is from what God does in your life. You may cling to these names at different seasons of your life.


Back to School Bible Verses

This year has already been a doozy for school kids. Parents are unsure about sending their kids to school as decisions seem to be changing day to day about their child’s safety. 

For some the decision is simple and for others it has been a back and forth unknown and worry. The best advice we can give you in making your back to school decisions is to seek the Lord. Trust Him for the clarity and confidence you need for your child’s education. There’s a really good chance you’ll find one of these 52 Bible verses helpful in  making your school decisions!

Back to school kids and teachers

Bible Verses for Back to School

Bible verses can help your child’s heart and mind be ready for the school year.

  • Bible verses about love

  • How to think and what to do

  • Your identity and who 

  • Whose you are

  • When life gets hard

  • How to protect the heart

Following Jesus Bible Verses

Bible Verses for Following Jesus the Great Shepherd

Do you remember the hymn, “Where He Leads Me I Will Follow?”

It is such a beautifully written hymn reminding us to follow Jesus, “all the way”. Each stanza of the hymn repeats 3 times and then the 4th line states, “I’ll go with Him, with Him, all the way.” Jesus wants you to follow Him all the way, in each moment every single day.  How? 

We pulled together 150 Enlightening Bible verses about following Jesus to remind you that we all need to keep our eyes on Him. 

whose you are for girls beginners Bible study

Whose You Are For Girls

We are bombarded every day with options telling us who we are, whose we are, or what we should be doing. They are geared to distract us.

Some even lure you to purchase something so that you will be “be” something more. 

Strangely enough, that’s exactly the tactic Satan used to confuse and tempt Eve in the Garden of Eden.

He distracted Eve, questioned her with, “Did God really say….”, and then convinced her she was lacking something and could be “more”. Girl, remember who you are and whose you are and you won’t come up feeling less than! 

Bible verses for growing in relationship with God/

Bible Verses for Growing in Relationship With God

Many people are planting a flower garden in their yards hoping the last frost or freeze has past. Every plant needs to be fed, nurtured and light to grow. You too need to feed on God’s Word, nurtured in Him and His light to shine on you as a planting of the Lord. Discover Bible verses to be growing in relationship with God. 

Bible verse coloring books and handwriting books

Bible Verse Memory Verse Products

We have created Bible verse coloring books, handwriting, cursive and ABC learning workbooks to help kids of all ages know and remember Scripture. These books are filled with Bible verses covering who and whose you are, identity and your purpose.  Using all learning styles will help kids memorize God’s Word. 

Bible verse memory ideas

Easter Bible Verses

Easter is the time of year when many people will remember the sacrifice of Christ dying on the cross for the sins of the world. 

The Bible contains 4 books known as the Gospels to give us an account of the week leading up to the betrayal, trials and death of Jesus. There are also other Bible verses to remind us that we need to remember what His death on the cross means for us, how it affects us and what we should do with that knowledge. 

We’ve pulled together Easter Bible verses to remind you of Christ, the cross and the Great Commission. 

On the Go Bible Verses about purpose/

Bible Verses on the Go With God

Have you ever noticed that one of the first sounds a child makes is the “vroom” of a car or truck? After watching toddler grandboys fascinations with not just cars, but rescue and construction vehicles, we realized every vehicle has a purpose and is on the go! 

And then it dawned on us, every vehicle can remind us of the Lord, connect to Bible verses and prompt us to be on the go with God. Let’s help kids see the vehicles used everyday around them that can be reminders of the Lord.


Bible Verses for a New Year

Bible Verses for New Year

Every New Year, we turn to Colossians 3 to help reset our goals, reolustons and perspectives. 

The Bible is filled with reminders to direct our focus and we hope these Bible verses for the New Year will also inspire you and help you forget Him not in your goals. 

Every new year, the world makes New Year’s Resolutions. You will see someone pick a new word for the year, make personal goals or changes to their life and set up the new calendar to plan out the year.


Bible verses about thankfulness and thanksgiving/

Bible Verses about Thankfulness

Thanksgiving in the Bible is so much more than one day a year. Discover Thanksgiving Bible Verses that remind our hearts to be thankful, grateful and give thanks to God for all the blessings we receive. 

Wedding Bible Verses

Bride and Groom Wedding Bible Verses

Bible Verses for Weddings

Knowing God’s Word is vital to living. It is how we learn more about God, life and whose we are. Bible study does not have to be complicated. When you are beginning to study the Bible with your kids, the complication can be where to start, what to teach and how to add it into your day. 

Coming Soon!

Bible Verses For Strength

Bible Verses For When I am Alone

Bible Verses For When I am Anxious

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