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Online Bible Studies for Beginners

Beginning to study the Bible is a wonderful decision. Learning more about who God is, who you are in Christ, discovering your purpose and remembering His promises will change your life. But where do you begin?  A quick search online will turn up hundreds of search results and that can make it hard to know where to begin. 

In truth, beginning Bible study does not have to be complicated or hard. Just start reading the Bible in the beginning. We cover more on this below in our online Bible Studies for Beginners guide below. But knowing your learning style will help you grasp more details from God’s Word.

Are you a reader or do you like listening to an audible book? 

Are you better at taking notes or working through a guided workbook? 

The goal to Bible study is drawing closer in relationship with the Lord. Let’s learn more about Who God is and all the wonderful love He has for you written within Genesis to Revelations.

In this guide you will learn steps for beginning Bible Study


1. Bible study for beginners

2. Bible Timeline

3. Who do you say
I am?

4. Why Bible study is important with kids

5. Who I Am In Christ

6. Whose You Are

7. Whose You Are For Girls

8. Love: My Purpose

9. Bible Memory Ideas For Kids

10. Free Online Bible Studies

Jesus sitting with children Bible study for beginners

Bible Study For Beginners

Knowing God’s Word is vital to living. It is how we learn more about God, life and whose we are. Bible study does not have to be complicated. When you are beginning to study the Bible with your kids, the complication can be where to start, what to teach and how to add it into your day. You will find more ideas and printables in our Bible Study for Beginners.


Beginning Bible Study

Step 1. Pray

 Talk to God in conversation. Yes, He knows your thoughts and questions, but talking to Him helps you hear your thoughts and questions. 

We humans have so many thoughts, noises and distractions in our heads. When we focus our conversations with the Lord, it declutters and prioritizes what is most important, a relationship with Him. 

Step 2. Read

Our recommendation is to always begin studying the Bible with the beginning! It’s hard to start a story or read instructions from the middle to the end because you miss the beginning. 

Start in Genesis 1. Discover the amazing Creator and all the details involved in creation. But… just because you start at the beginning does not mean you cannot move around throughout the Word.

Look for themes and words that strike your attention. Wonder at His awesome power. Look for other passages in the Bible that speak about creation. Where else is God mentioned as Creator? 

Inside our ReMEMBERers, we lay out a plan to guide you through Scripture and enrich your study of the days of Creation.

Step 3. Ask

When you come across a passage of Scripture that you do not understand, ask God for clarity. Seek Him first. As Christians, we have His Holy Spirit to guide us through the words in the Word and give us understanding. 

Ask a person with deeper knowledge. Find a community of believers who will walk with you through the Word. Look for a church and a Bible study that is Christ centered! 

Research word definitions in a concordance or Bible study tools. Words change through the years, but God’s Word never changes. Find resources that helps you understand and grasp the meaning. Don’t rely on Google, but instead, rely on God. 

How to Bible Study for Beginners 7 Easy Steps

When you first begin to study the Bible it can feel overwhelming.

Many people pick up a Bible, begin reading and quickly become confused. Questions begin to swarm them.

Which Bible version should I use? 

Where do I begin studying the Bible?

It’s hard to understand so how can I teach my children the Bible? 

We can answer these questions and more in our How to study the Bible for Beginners post with 7 easy steps, details about the Bible  and our method to digging deeper in the Bible.

So many people will tell you to skip the Old Testament because it is too hard to understand when you first begin Bible studying. Those same people will tell you to just start in the New Testament because it is easier to read. But this has us scratching our heads.

Do you pick up other books and begin them in the middle rather than reading from the beginning? Why would we read the Bible from the last sections and not beginning in the book of beginnings, Genesis? 

We highly recommend a good timeline of the Bible to help you keep the events in order. 

Reading a chronological Bible will also help to keep you on track of God’s stories. 

creation to the cross beginners Bible study

Bible Stories Timeline -
From Creation to Christ

Many kiddos learn the “big” Bible stories in Sunday school such as Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood and Moses from a basket to the burning bush.

But, inside great Bible stories of hope and deliverance are small little stories creating an even bigger detail of Jesus.

Without understanding the timeline of the Bible, those wonderful stories remain just stories to them. It’s hard to see how the Bible stories we learn as kids apply to our lives and relationship with Jesus today.

A timeline shows you a better understanding or where God was and is today. How was the events then leading to Jesus?

You will find our free Bible Stories Timeline here.

Bible Timeline From Creation to Christ

Illustration of creation Genesis 1
Jesus died on the cross for our sins/
The empty tomb/

We love to use a Bible timeline to show the order of History. You see so many kiddos grow up being told the earth is billions of years old, began with dust particles bumping into each other and that humans eventually came from apes.

Some humans might act like monkeys on occasion, but we can confidently say that the human race did NOT come from apes. 


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1


Man was made in God’s image…..not an ape.

Man was created to tend and care for God’s creation and have dominion over the animals. Man did not come from an animal. 

Reading the Bible in order, even the genealogies, helps us to see the time frame of the earth, creation, how old it is and where we all came from! 

But most importantly, we learn about Jesus from Creation to the cross to His coming again!

This is one reason why it is so important to study the Bible with kids. It is our responsibility as parents to raise them to know the Truth and help them to decipher what is lies in the world. 

Why it is Important to Study the Bible with Kids

imports to study the Bible with kids beginners Bible study

Why It Is Important to Study the Bible with Kids

The Old Testament holds stories of how the blood of a spotless lamb brought mankind to the presence of God. Yet woven throughout its pages is the promise of a future perfect Lamb, the Lamb of God. 

The New Testament reveals the story of that perfect Lamb, the Lamb of God that would take the weight of the worlds sin upon His shoulder so we could restore the relationship with God. 

The Bible tells us of how a relationship with Jesus will transform our lives.  So why is it important to study God’s Word with kids? 

Because it will transform our lives.

When we study the Bible with our kids, we show them what is most important in our life.

God is not a PART of our life, He IS our life. 

We have life because He is the Creator. Every morning we wake up alive to a life He has provided. Studying the Bible helps us to know more about God and His plan for our life. It is how we discover who He is and who we are.

Jesus would ask His disciples, “Who do you say I am?”


They had grown up hearing about the Messiah who would come to be King of His people. Once again, they would have a King.

You see, they were under the ruling authority for many many years and were awaiting their King. 

Jesus was the Messiah, but He was not the King in their heads… He was the King reigning over all the heavens and the earth, not their small territory. 

After spending time with Him and witnessing His miracles, they would have a new bigger perspective of what the Kingdom of God would be and who He actually was. 

The question, “Who do you say I am?” can be asked for us too.

Not only do we need to know who Jesus is, but we need to know who He says we are too. 

Jesus, who do you say I am?

Who Do You Say I Am?

children reading the Bible

Who Do You Say I Am?

Knowing who you are seems to be something the world is struggling to comprehend. The battle does not affect adults only, but has poured down onto the teenagers and is trickling down into the younger generations. 

After all, kids watch and emulate what they see around them. If only they could see who they are through God’s Word rather than the world. We pulled together these Bible verses to remember who God says I am to remind others who they are to Him.

Only the Creator of life can tell you who you truly are. Being a Christian is following the teachings of Jesus and accepting His love and mercy. 

He gave us life and then gave His life so that we can life with Him in heaven. In the meantime, we live in Him on this earth. 

Who I Am In Christ

who I am in Christ beginners Bible study

Who I Am In Christ

The identity crisis is real. The world is full of people trying to “find themselves”. People are looking around the world, social media and to influencers to help them discover who they are, what their purpose is and how to achieve success. But the answers won’t give them peace or truth. 

Who you are can only be found in the One who made you and gave you life. Rather than looking to the world, we should look to the Word which shines a light on us to know who I am in Christ!

A Christian bears the name of Christ as if the Master Artist has signed His name to His painting saying, “You are mine.”


Belonging is the opposite of rejection. 

When we belong, we have an identity and a family. We feel safe and accepted. So many people want to belong to only themselves…. how sad. 

Belonging to God gives us protection, provision and His presence. That’s a different perspective than the world wants for you. 

Only God’s Word can tell you who God is, who you are and whose you are. 

You cannot know who you are until you know whose you are!

Whose You Are

whose you are beginners Bible study

Remember Whose You Are

Do you ever have days where you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore? 

Somedays people, life and events get in the way of our “knowing” and we find ourselves wondering. 

You will hear people even say, “I need to find myself!”

“Who am I?”

“Why am I here?”

Those are the days we need reminding, that we are part of something bigger….something connected to a bigger purpose. We pulled together 7 Bible verses to remember who you are and whose you are.

If you follow celebrities or many influencers on Instagram and Facebook, you will at times find yourself struggling with comparing yourself and coming up lacking.

So many times we forget that what we see laid out in pretty grids and postings is not always the truth or the way it is day to day in that person’s life.

It becomes hard remember who you are, especially for girls.

Whose You Are For Girls

whose you are for girls beginners Bible study

Whose You Are For Girls

We are bombarded every day with options telling us who we are, whose we are, or what we should be doing. They are geared to distract us.

Some even lure you to purchase something so that you will be “be” something more. 

Strangely enough, that’s exactly the tactic Satan used to confuse and tempt Eve in the Garden of Eden.

He distracted Eve, questioned her with, “Did God really say….”, and then convinced her she was lacking something and could be “more”. Girl, remember who you are and whose you are and you won’t come up feeling less than! 

Everything we can study from the Bible is about God and His relationship with His creation. It is about love. 


God is love.


Yes, there are some hard stories in the Bible to read and see that our loving God can also destroy the world in a flood, swallow up people in the earth who were disobedient and rage war on enemy nations. 

But we also have to remember that it is His earth, His creation, His rules to follow and He can do with it as He sees best. Most of those stories in the Bible are about the evil on the earth and those who reject Him as their God.  

Sadly, many of those stories are also about people who forgot that God is God and that we are to worship Him only. 

Actually, Jesus gave us the greatest commandment that we can obery. It is our greatest purpose to love Him and then others as yourself. 

God loved the world so much that He gave His Son, Jesus, to pay for the sins of the world. 

Jesus loved the world so much that He willinging gave His life for us so that we could live with Him and have eternal life. 

While on this earth, your purpose is to love like He loves. 

children loving Jesus

My Purpose

Love is something the entire world is searching for and wanting.  But many people are like the country song lyric, “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” 

What is it about love that can make a person feel and do crazy things to obtain it?

There is something about being loved and being in love that deep inside people need. It’s really not all that surprising. God created humans with the capacity and desire to love. Bible verses about love can help us know and remember what love truly is. 

My Purpose Is To Love!

The Bible has so many reminders inside to because we are a forgetful people! He knows that and had made sure we have His Word to remind us when we forget.

Memorizing God’s Word is important, but knowing what He says, His promises, Who He is and how to apply it to our lives is vital.

We are always working on Bible verse memory ideas to help our children memorize Scripture so that kids are equipped with knowledge to navigate through the world. 

Bible verse memory ideas

Bible Verse Memory Ideas

Memorizing 1000 Bible verses is wonderful, but if we don’t understand them or know what they mean, we’ll find ourselves deep in worry, fear, anxiety, doubt, and a whole bunch of other undesirable situations. 

That’s when we will find ourselves relying on ourselves and not trusting God. 

Even Satan knows God’s Word. 

Bible Verse Memory Ideas

When you memorize Bible verses and know what they mean in context, you can put those amazing words into action! 

When you feel afraid…. remember what God’s Word tells you about fear 

If you struggle with feeling unloved, remember what He has done for you because He loved you. 

When you feel alone, remember that He is with you. 

Dig into Scripture with our online Bible studies to walk you through the Word.

free online Bible study for beginners

Free Online Bible Studies

Below you will find 4 of our Free Bible studies to guide you through Whose you are. Each study has worksheets and printables you can download in our Freebie Library. Just sign up below!

Free Online Bible Studies

Psalm 17:8 Apple of God's Eye

You are the apple of His eye whose you are

1 Peter 2:9-10 You are God's Light

you have been called out of darkness

You are a child of God!

You are a child of God

Job 33:4 Meaning- The Breath of the God

Job 33:4 Bible Study

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