Who I am In Christ

In Christ you are a new creation! This month’s calendar is themed “Who I AM In Christ”.

You will see that in Him, you have value, are a new creation, are more than conquerors, have love and are His workmanship with a purpose. 

  • In the world you struggle with seeing your value. 
  • In the world you struggle with the daily battles and feeling overwhelmed and defeated. 
  • In the world, you struggle to feel loved. 
  • In the world you struggle with your purpose. 

But in Christ, you are made new! You are a new creation who is valuable to God. 

In Christ you are more than victorious and nothing can separate you from God’s love. 

In Christ, you have a purpose for good works.

The following dot marker printables are from our Dotters of the King Dot Markers Bible Verse Coloring Books. You can find them on our Products Page through Amazon. (KJV and ESV)

Dotters is available in ABC for early learners, and handwriting copy workbooks. 

Video coming this week for the ABC Dotters. 


Dot Marker

Dot Marker

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