Bible verse printables for kids for each month

Bible Verse Printables for Kids

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Bible in a fun and creative way? Well, guess what? Let’s talk about something super cool: Bible verse printables for kids!

So, what exactly are Bible verse printables? 

They’re like little worksheets, coloring pages, journal pages and more that have Bible verses on them, along with fun designs and activities. Our creatively designed printables are a fantastic way for kids like you to dive into the Bible, learn new verses, and have a blast while doing it! 

Bible verse printables are a great way to help kids learn and know God’s Word. Helping children engage their learning style and introducing them to other learning styles helps them remember what God is telling them. 

How can you use multiple learning styles with printables? 

  1. Visual 
  2. Reading
  3. Auditory when read aloud
  4. Hands on by color, activities, writing etc.

Our Bible verse printables were created to engage all learning styles to help kids remember Scripture in creative ways. We create Bible verse coloring pages, worksheets to dig deeper into the Word, activity pages and Bible verse copy pages. 

We have designed new printables for each month of the year! Now you can memorize 4 Bible verses each month around a specific theme such as love, fear, courage, following Jesus, light and so much more! By the end of the year you will have over 48 Bible verses memorized! Isn’t that wonderful? 

Each month of the year Bible Verse printables for kids

Easy to Use: Bible verse printables are super easy to use. All you need is a printer, some paper, and maybe some crayons or markers to add your own special touch!

Learn Bible Verses: With these printables, you can learn Bible verses in a fun and engaging way. Each printable focuses on one verse, making it easier for you to remember and understand.

Coloring Pages: These printables often come with fun coloring activities to help your kids use their God given creativity and design a visual reminder for their new Bible memory verse. You can add their coloring page to a binder for your own Bible memory verse binder.  It’s like a mini Bible-themed adventure right at your fingertips!

Bible Verse Copy Page: You can write each verse on our Bible verse copy printable to help kids with their handwriting and Bible memory. 

Journal Pages; Our prayer journal printables help kids organize their thoughts and prayers on paper and keep track of answered prayers.  

Bible Verse Printables

In our Shop and Membership, you will find our monthly themed Bible verse printables for kids containing:

  • 4 Bible verses
  • 4 Journal pages
  • 4 Coloring pages
  • 4 Work the Word pages

We designed these printbables with younger kids in mind by using stick figures. Also we hear “I can’t even draw stick figures” all the time as Art teachers so this was a way to keep the drawings simple. 

  • Coloring pages are a great way to create your own uniquely designed Bible verse visual. Kids can color while being read to, sitting in a doctor’s office or just needing a quiet time activity. But coloring also is therapeutic for all ages! 
  • The Work the Word printables help kids circle, underline and doodle the relationship between God and man. Find repeating words, themes and instructions in God’s Word.   
  • Journal Pages allow kids to write their prayers, struggles, answered prayers and what they are thankful for as well as writing the Bible verse and reminders.

Christian Printables for Kids

  • Remembering the Word of God is important for many reasons. 

  • The Bible serves as a source of guidance and wisdom in navigating life’s challenges. 

  • It can provide comfort, direction, and clarity in times of uncertainty. 

  • The Word of God helps to strengthen one’s faith and connection with God. 


Sharing the Word of God with others can inspire and uplift those around you. Once you’ve printed out your favorite printables, here are a few ideas for how you can use them:

Hang them up in your room as decorations.

Keep them in a Bible memory verse binder. 

Give as a gift to a special person. 

Bring them to Sunday school to share with your classmates.

Use them as bookmarks in your Bible.

The possibilities are endless!

Bible verse printables are a fantastic way for kids like you to learn more about the Bible in a fun and interactive way. You might just discover a new favorite Bible verse that inspires you every day!


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Ways to Use Bible Verse Printables