Who God is Printables for kids

Who God Is Bible Verse Printables for Kids

The greatest role we have as parents is to help our children know who God is. We have created Bible verse printables to help you teach your children who God is by studying the names of God found throughout the His Word. Each page has a verse and area to journal along with a coloring page to create a visual reminder. 

Names of God Bible Verses

There are other words in the Bible to tell who God is. Some are names given to Him by the people who encountered Him and others are names and titles God tells His people. Most of the names identity not only  who God is, but also what the people believe of Him. You can read more about Who God is and why it is important to understand the meaning of His name. 

I AMto be, become, come to pass, exist Exodus 3:14

El Olam-Everlasting God Psalm 90:2

Adonai– LORD, Master, Lord our Lord Psalm 8:1

Jesus– Jehovah is salvation John 14:6

Immanuel- God with us Isaiah 7:14

Provider– Supply your needs Philippians 4:19

Salvation– Deliverance, preservation, safety Acts 4:12

Shaddai– Almighty Job 33:4

Prince of Peace– wonderful, COUNSELOR, mighty God, everlasting father Isaiah 9:6

Jehovah Rapha– God who heals Exodus 15:26

Bread of Life– never hunger-never thirst John 6:35

Jehovah– the existing One Isaiah 42:8

Elyon– Highest, Most High Psalm 91:1

El Roi- The God who sees me Genesis 16:13

Son of God– SAVIOR of the World 1 John 4:13-15

Alpha & Omega– beginning and end Revelation 1:8

Jehovah-Jireh– God provides Genesis 22:1-14

Christos– Christ-anointed Philippians 2:10-11

Qanna– Jealous (only of God) Exodus 20

The Way, The Truth, The LifeJohn 10:7

Eternal Life1 John 5:20

Lamb of God John 1:29-36

The Shepherd1 Peter 2:2

Lamb- Revelation 17:14


Light1 John 1:5-7

VineJohn 15

Who God is Bible verse printables for kids

Christian parenting is a sacred responsibility that requires intentional effort, prayer, and reliance on God’s wisdom. By incorporating prayer, scripture, devotionals, workshops, discipline resources, and online content, parents can cultivate a nurturing environment where their children can grow in faith and relationship with the Lord. Let us embrace this journey with humility, trusting in God’s guidance every step of the way.

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