Animals and insects Bible verse printables for kids

Animals and Insects Bible Verse Printables

To engage kids in learning about animals in the Bible and their habitats, we have created Bible verse coloring, handwriting and activity printables for a fun and educational tool.

We designed our animal and insect printables to feature some of the different animals mentioned in the Bible and others that are God’s creation, but are not mentioned by name in Scripture.

In the Bible, there are many animals and insects mentioned that play important roles in various stories and teachings. Some of the well-known animals include:

  • the dove, which symbolizes peace and is known for bringing an olive branch to Noah’s Ark;
  • the lion, often associated with strength and courage, as in the story of Daniel in the lion’s den;
  • the lamb, symbolizing innocence and sacrifice, as seen in references to Jesus as the “Lamb of God”
  • the whale, (or very large fish) which swallowed and then spit out Jonah in the story of Jonah.

Speaking of Jonah, God not only used a large fish or whale in his journey to Ninevah, but Jonah also encountered a worm that affected his comfort! That’s marine animals and insects!

Some of the insects mentioned in the Bible include spiders, locusts, lice, worms and flies. We’ve drawn some of the insects mentioned in the Bible for kids to color and learn God’s Word as they learn about God’s amazing bugs.

kids Bible verse animals and insects printables

When it comes to animal habitats, it’s fascinating to learn about the diverse environments where animals live and thrive. From the depths of the oceans to the heights of the mountains, animals have adapted to various habitats such as forests, deserts, grasslands, and polar regions. Each habitat provides unique challenges and opportunities for different species.

Understanding animal habitats helps us appreciate the beauty and diversity of the God’s creation.

A great teaching tool is our animal habitat journal pages. This hands-on activity printable not only sparks curiosity and creativity, but the Bible verses also help children remember the passages associated with these animals. By combining biblical teachings with knowledge about animal habitats, kids can develop a deeper appreciation for the animals of God’s world.

ABC Animals Bible verse printables for kids

Animals and Insects Habitat Printables

ABC animals Bible verse printables for kids animals included
ABC animals and insects in the bundle of printables
Animals and insects of God's Creation Bible verse printables

Ways to Use ABC Animals in the Bible Printables With Kids

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Animals ABC Bible verse printables for kids