wedding gifts for bride and groom

Wedding Gift Ideas for the
Bride and Groom

Today buying wedding gifts for a bride and groom has become easier due to the wedding registries and the internet! You can find exactly what the couple is asking for on Amazon, Target, Walmart, and so many more stores. But sometimes, you encounter a couple who has not registered or they are the couple who has everything.

Wedding gifts for the bride and groom who have everything

We love shopping Hobby Lobby wedding gift ideas for couples that are unique and can be found in multiple styles to fit any decor. These items also make great anniversary gift ideas. But the very thing we love about Hobby Lobby’s vast selection of home decor goodies is also the thing that frustrates us…

Popular items going out of stock!

Wedding gift ideas from Hobby Lobby's home decor selections

Hobby Lobby Wedding Gifts

Unfortunately, many of the items we love to share with others rotate off the shelves in season, style changes or they no longer carry the unique item. This makes it difficult to keep a blog updated with their ever rotating merchandise.

We have also encountered issues with our linking source of items that are no longer available by the time our source provides the links. 

So if you encounter an item we selected as no longer available, just type in your desired item by keyword in the search area for current selections.

We’ve linked the suggested wedding gift ideas to Hobby Lobby, so you can type in “Candles”, “wall art”, “lamps” etc to discover their amazing selections that are currently available. You can also give the bride and groom a Hobby Lobby gift card so they can decorate their new home in their own style. 

Due to the every changing issue, we have updated this blog post to also include Amazon wedding gift links that carries similar products.

These are *affiliate links.

Amazon Wedding Gifts

First, double check amazon’s wedding gift registry for your bride and groom’s names. Chances are, they have registered and have made the gift buying job easier.

If they have not registered, a great gift to give is a year of Amazon Prime! The first year of marriage and setting up a house can make for frequent shopping trips of much needed supplies. Being able to order online and have it shipped quick helps make the change better!

Next, a great gift that is always appreciated, an Amazon gift card!

  • Christian gift ideas with Bible verses

  • Wall art

  • Bible verse wall art

  • Picture frames

  • Plant stands and containers

  • Lamps

  • Organizers and storage (Mail/bill holders, utensil holders, change, keys)

  • Baskets

  • Rugs and Throw Pillows

Christian Wedding Gift Ideas

When a married couple are beginning their new life together they may be setting up a new home from scratch or blending their individual items. Wall art makes a room feel decorated and can easily be moved, changed or stored for a season.

Hobby Lobby and Amazon carry Bible verse signs that can be used at weddings and wall art that reminds the couple and their guests to keep Christ the center of their marriage. You can find more ideas in our Christian gift guide where we have pulled together items with Scripture such as pillows, shower curtains and phone cases. 

Of course a newly married couple will have a slew of engagement and wedding pictures. Not all of those pictures can be displayed in the home, but the ones that can will need picture frames. You can never go wrong with a picture frame or collection of frames.

Hobby Lobby has this Bible verse frame which we think are perfect for any couple!

Hobby Lobby Wedding Gift Picture Frame

Wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom

Follow the link to Hobby Lobby  or Amazon and search for the ideas below. Or create a fund gift basket with a storage container filled with several of the items and place a bow on it. 

Plant stands and containers are those forgotten needs in a new home. Plants add life to a room and they need a holder!

Lamps add light and ambiance to a room. Hobby Lobby has beautiful lamps and lighting options that are unique, but not too pricey.

Organization and storage options make great wedding gifts because we all need a place to hide the clutter or keep our lives organized. Wood boxes, crates and baskets make the room feel clutter free and stylish. Since they are not large pieces of furniture they can be moved throughout a house from room to room.

Rugs and throw pillows soften a room and can be changed through the seasons to make big impacts without big makeover costs. Many couples aren’t able to redecorate a room on a whim, but a few pillow changes can make a big difference.

Candles and candle holders

wedding gift ideas candles

Candles make a room feel cozy and the scented ones can add a wonderful aroma. But candles also make great wedding gifts because you never know when the power is going out, so a candle is a necessity too.  The candle holders can be a pretty addition to the couple’s room decor.


Wedding gift kitchen accessories

  • Coffee mugs

  • Wood recipe stand

  • Decorative pitchers, glassware and pottery

Coffee Mug Wedding Gifts

Maybe the happy bride and groom are coffee lovers. Here are more Bible verse coffee mugs to choose from! A fun coffee station is a great wedding gift to help them start their day. Look for Wood, ceramic or wicker trays and add coffee cups and a coffee sign. 

You can add a chalk board stand with a chalk pen so that the couple can write sweet messages to one another or what flavor coffee is being served.

Now a days, many people have forgotten the lovely illustrated and carefully compiled recipe books from generations past. 

Today we have iPads, Pinterest and Alexa to give a recipe for just about anything you can want to make. But there’s something nostalgic about an open recipe book on a kitchen counter that makes a person want to cook.

Look for wooden stands to add a touch of “let’s get cooking” to the happy couple’s home.



Decorative pottery looks great on the kitchen counter and can hold a multitude of items. As a newlywed, a vase is a great place to put those fresh flowers bought on the way home from work. 

The gorgeous pitchers at Hobby Lobby can hold utensils, stems and greenery or just sit on the shelf as a decorative piece.

Glass Cracker Jar with Lid 

Kitchen tea towels

Let us help you tame the wedding planning beast!

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  • Knowledge to make decisions and stop overwhelm
  • Wedding planning pages and organization
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Laundry wedding gift ideas

wedding gift ideas for the laundry room

  • Laundry hamper

  • Hooks

  • Signs

  • All together collection


One of the first “who is in charge” moments after the honeymoon is the laundry. Many brides and grooms return from their honeymoon with a pile of laundry and now the decision to tackle it begins.

Help the couple make the laundry room fun with laundry signs, organization and storage.

A cute laundry room sign may not be on the couple’s registry list, but that’s because they may not have realized they could make the laundry room cute.

Many couples are blending their own personal decor and the laundry is the last room in their thoughts.

A great wedding gift for the laundry room is to fill a laundry basket with everything a couple will need and tie it up as a big gift basket!


Couple ideas for fun wedding gifts

wedding gift ideas for couples with picnic supplies

  • Picnic supplies

  • Devotionals

  • Personalized items

When a couple first marries, they return from their honeymoon and it’s usually back to their normal daily lives. Keeping the romance fires burning and the relationship communication open is a great focus to keep in practice.

A picnic can be an easy and special outing day or night for a couple. A picnic basket and supplies for the “date” make great gifts that make lasting impressions and memories.

Usually the spring section of the store will have plates, cups and utensils in popular colors.

Hobby Lobby carries some of the most popular Bible devotionals and books by Christian authors.

Help the couple keep the focus on Christ with a Bible study devotional and add to their new home’s library. Wisdom for each day flip calendar

Personalize a wood cutting board in our diy

Christmas decor for wedding gift ideas

  • Christmas tree

  • Christmas lights

  • Christmas stockings

  • Christmas decor items

One of the most forgotten wedding gift registry items are Christmas decor, but a Christmas season can be costly to a newly married couple starting from scratch along with purchasing Christmas presents.

A thoughtful gift is a pre lit Christmas tree with some basic neutral ornaments and extra greenery and lights. While you’re Christmas shopping throw in a couple of stockings so they can remember to purchase each other stocking stuffers!

Wedding Gift Ideas

You might not know the decor style and taste of the bride and groom, but everyone loves the ability to enter a store or shop online without spending their own money! Gift cards make great gifts by allowing the wedding couple to pick their needs and likes.

Once they set up their new place together, they will discover things they need, but had not considered when they registered.

 You can find a beautiful and affordable wedding gifts at Hobby Lobby and Amazon. We love most of the products they carry with Bible verses. What better way to decorate a new home than by adding God’s Word to everyday places for the new Mr. and Mrs.

Hobby Lobby wedding gift ideas

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