Christian preschool printables

Christian Preschool Printables

Our Christian preschool printables are designed to ignite the hearts and minds of our little learners with the love of God and His Word. In this digital age, where screens dominate our children’s attention, we believe in providing wholesome, engaging, and faith-building activities for our preschoolers. 

Our printables encompass a range of activities, from coloring pages to tracing Bible verses, fostering letter recognition, and encouraging the memorization of God’s Word. 

Christian preschool printables for kids

How to Use Bible Printables with Preschoolers

Coloring Pages: Coloring isn’t just about filling shapes with colors; it’s an opportunity for children to engage with stories and themes from the Bible.  As children color these printables, they not only refine their motor skills but also immerse themselves in the Bible reminders of faith, sparking curiosity, craetivity and wonder about God’s love and creation.

Trace the Bible Verse: Inscribing God’s Word upon the hearts of preschoolers begins with learning and knowing God’s Word.  Our traceable Bible verse printables feature carefully selected verses that reinforce God’s Truth. Through tracing, children not only familiarize themselves with the scriptural text but also helps them with letters, words, sentences and language structure.  This activity lays the groundwork for a lifelong journey of remembering Scripture and applying God’s Word in their lives. For preschoolers who are ready to write their Bible verses, we have Primary Verse Copy printables. 

Letter Recognition and ABCs: Learning the alphabet is a fundamental milestone in a child’s educational journey. We integrate this essential skill with Christian values by incorporating letter recognition activities themed around Bible verses. Each letter corresponds to a Bible verse that connects to the theme or a visual reminder from the Bible. Through playful interaction with letters, children not only grasp phonetic fundamentals but also cultivate an awareness of God’s presence and teachings in every aspect of life.

Memorizing God’s Word: We prioritize knowing God’s Word with beginning with the memorization of Scripture. Our printables feature verses and passages tailored for preschoolers, accompanied by  illustrations that capture their imagination and engage their visual learning style. By committing these verses to memory, children internalize God’s promises, truths, and commands, laying a firm foundation for their faith journey. While working on Scripture memorization, we want to also help kids understand what each verse and passage means to their lives. Knowing God’s Word is important, but applying His amazing power to our day, situations and life is faith in action!

Christian preschool printables for kids

With our Christian preschool printables we believe in sowing seeds of faith in the tender hearts of preschoolers. Through coloring pages, tracing Bible verses, letter recognition activities, and memorization exercises, we aim to create a nurturing environment where children can grow in their knowledge and love for God. Join us in empowering the next generation to shine brightly as lights in the world, rooted in the timeless truths of Scripture. Together, let’s inspire young hearts to embrace God’s Word and walk in His ways, now and forevermore.


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Ways to Use Preschool Printables for Kids

Preschool Bible verse printables for kids