Prayer Planner and Gratitude Journal Printables


100 Bible Verses for a Faith to Move Mountains: Scripture Prompts, Praise Writing & Thought Organization for Kids, Teens and Adults

Prayer Planner and Gratitude Journal-  to help your connection with God and His strength to face your mountains. Our faith in God is made strong when we spend time with Him, trust Him and rely on Him with our all.

Mountains in our life come in all shapes and sizes. They can be a journey, something we are striving to obtain or the feat we have scaled as we reached the top. Or there are mountains that seem like unsurmountable objects we cannot remove from our life.These mountains appear as an obstacle, but why do we have mountains in our life? Mountains draw us closer to the one who can reveal a need for us to draw closer to God, be strengthened though prayer and align our hearts with Him.

Inside this prayer journal:

Prayer devotional
Prayer planner
100 Bible verse prompts to write each verse and what His Word is saying to you
Journal pages to write your praise, thoughts, feelings, people, situations, list of prayers and mountains
Prayer in review to place answered prayers
No matter the size of our mountain, when we connect with God in prayer, He will help us face our mountain. He may lead us over the mountain, through the mountain, around the mountain, or God could move the mountain completely.

Let’s get started on the journey to connect with God through prayer, and see what happens to our mountains with God beside us.

Great for:
Kids, teens and adults
Girl or boys
Personal reflection, homeschool
Church and Sunday school

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