Sola flower bouquet diy for weddings

DIY Sola Flower Wedding Bouquets

Sola flowers have been a change in home and wedding decor for us. Don’t get us wrong, we love real flowers. But there are times that real flowers are  not possible in a wedding bouquet or the bride may want something different. 

For creative wedding planning tips and ideas, we like to introduce Sola flowers to brides for unique and timeless wedding bouquets that don’t have to be dried.!

We’ve used Sola flowers which are wood and pine cone flowers, for not only our home’s table centerpieces and Christmas tree decor but also for wedding bouquets! They may not be “real” flowers, but they are organic and lovely! Hobby Lobby is our favorite resource for Sola flowers. 


Sola flower bouquet!

We’ve had several brides who came across wedding bouquets from a popular supplier but after ordering them discovered that their bouquets were not going to arrive in time for their wedding.  

One bride was anxiously awaiting her sola flower bouquet to come the day of her wedding, but it did not ship.

We had to last minute make a fresh flower bouquet for her on the spot! 

After using sola flowers in our homes, we realized we could make bouquets with them ourselves!

Why not…. how much more trouble could it be than real flowers? Especially tulips! Or hydrangeas!

Uhhhhh…. love the looks of these lovely live flowers but the handling of them throughout a wedding day is temperamental to say the least! 

Sola Flowers Hobby Lobby

The sola flowers are made from wood, bark and pine cones. At Hobby Lobby, they come in a pack of 5 on wood sticks for stems.

Full price they run about 9.99 a pack, but every other week you will find them at 50% off!! That makes them right at $1.00 each.*affiliate links 

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How to dye and paint Sola flowers   

If you like rustic or organic materials these flowers are perfect! You can dye or paint them with watered down acrylic paint. 

 We mixed the acrylic paint to the color desired then added water. 2 parts paint to 1 part water.

Then we used a bowl so that we could dip the flower head and then a plastic spoon to get the paint down into areas the dipping missed!  

After dipping, we set them aside to dry.

One of the colors we mixed dried a little to coral rather than  the blush tones the bride was using in her wedding.  We painted them with acrylic paint not diluted with water.  These took a little longer to dry! 

The wooden sticks/stems are a little cumbersome to make a full bridal bouquet. We simply replaced those with a sturdy floral wire and hot glue! 

Sola Flower Wedding Bouquet

When we use fresh flowers, we wrap the stems with ribbon and then stab…. yes stab cut corsage pins through the wrap. This creates a pretty pearl detail.  

But that was not possible with the wood stems! Instead, we hot glued the ribbon around the stems!  

We mixed in other faux greenery, pearl berries, cotton stems and pieces of burlap ribbon then we hid the wire by wrapping the base with a wide burlap ribbon.


Not all the stems were replaced because we did like some of the sticks showing down the bouquet.  

Sola flower wedding wrist corsages

We also made wrist corsages leaving the sola flowers natural. The neutral tones looked lovely with the mother’s and grandmother’s dresses!  

Sola Flower Boutonnieres

The boutonnieres we made with some of the cotton stems, faux greener, pearls  and wrapped them with gold wire!  

After the wedding, the bride can choose to keep the bouquets as they are or dismantle them and use them throughout her own home!

Either way, these sola flowers will last for years to come! 

Sola Flower Centerpieces

Organic and wooden Sola flowers are not just for wedding bouquets and bridal party flowers. You can use them in centerpieces on your guests tables, sign in table or even your wedding arbor. 

We even use them in Thanksgiving decor because when they are left natural, they bring a beautiful fall accent. 

We stick them in the Christmas tree too!




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