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Your wedding vows is not the only area on your wedding day that you can place Bible verses. We are always on the lookout to find other ways to bless others with God’s Word.

The special people you can also be blessed with Bible verses is your bridal party. 

Celebrate with the meaning of their names

The Bible is full of names of people, places and events and each name has a special meaning. The meaning of a name has been an important part of naming children. A marriage is an event where someone may be taking the name of their spouse! That’s a pretty special day. 

One bride from a wedding that Nina was directing, took each person’s name in her bridal party, looked up the meaning of their name, and then found a Bible verse she felt related to that person.

She took the time to make this a meaningful gift and prayed over each individual. For a special touch, she printed her project on scrapbook paper and created a scroll tied with ribbon. But this idea could be incorporated into all sorts of creative projects!


Wood hanger with their name and a Bible verse written on the hanger

Wood burned hangers are something your bridal party will use for years to come. If you are handy with a wood burner or know someone who is, have your bridesmaid’s names written on the hanger with your favorite verse or verse location.

You can still add the date of your wedding!  If you are not a wood burning crafter, vinyl peel and stick lettering in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby will do the trick just fine. There are a variety of fonts, sizes and colors to choose from.


And if you want to hand letter with a sharpie, paint pen or another alcohol based marker, just seal them to keep the lettering from rubbing off and protect their dress. 


How cute are these personalized hangers!

This could be a little time consuming but an extra special detail that also leaves more room on the hanger for your Bible verse.


Embroidered or Printed shirts and bathrobes

While getting ready on the big day, or coming to and from a covering that allows you to protect your hair and makeup is a nice considerate gift. You can add Scripture to the sleeves, the pocket or in a special embroidered tag!



Bouquet charms

Charms are a beautiful way to add meaningful Scripture to not only your bridal party but also to your wedding bouquets. They can be pinned with boutonniere pins or tied with ribbons around the stems.

Bouquet Ribbons

Embroidered or printed ribbons are a unique way to customize your bouquets. You can have ribbon embroidered or screen printed depending on the amount of ribbon your need and your budget. Or you can create your own hand lettered ribbon with markers, paint pens or a needle and thread. 



Beautiful jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive…. if Scripture is added to it, it becomes priceless. Choose from a variety of rings, necklaces, and bracelets that have Bible verses added to them in your color, theme or that is personal to each member of the bridal party. For the guys, think cuff links or leather cuffs! There are so many styles to choose from or you can make your own using items from Hobby Lobby. 

Bottom of their shoes

Writing your favorite verse on the bottom of each girl’s shoes. Our mission in life is to follow in the steps of Jesus and lead others to do the same. What better way than to put it on your shoes,

Ephesians 6:15  “and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.”

You can simply take a fine line Sharpie Marker and write you favorite verse or paint the natural bottom of your shoes a solid color and add a little style and glitz. 



Finally, have a prayer time together before everyone goes out to the processional. It is a precious way to draw everyone to the LORD before you go into the ceremony…. it gets everyone focused on the covenant of marriage with God. 

Find those areas and moments where on your special day, you forget not the LORD.


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