Bible Memory Verse bundles of printables for kids

Kids Bible Memory Verse Bundles of Printables

In our Membership only, we are excited to tell you about our Remember the Word, Bible memory verse bundles of worksheets, printables and activities. 

If a Bible curriculum or study is not your current need, but you would like more Bible verse memorization for your kids, we are offering “everything but the kitchen sink” bundles.

Inside our ReMemberers, Bible Art membership, we have bundles of Bible verse worksheets, printables, activities, Art lessons and creative ideas to help you and your children memorize Scripture. 

Remember the Word Bible Memory Verse Bundles

Remember the Word- Bible Verse Memory Bundles

Bible memory verse printables and bundles

Each theme includes an overall look at how the Bible verses tie together to remind you of your purpose. Each of the 4 verses will contain over 30 printables, worksheets, activities and an Art lesson to help your children look forward to their daily time in the Word. 

We supply you with a video guiding you how to set up a Scripture Station, the monthly bundle activity and we are also including an Art lesson each month that reinforces the Bible verse theme You can choose from the large and mini bundles. 

Large Bible Memory Verse Bundles-
Each Theme Contains:

Bundle Overview and Activity

Bible memory verse bundles

Each Bible Verse includes over 30 Worksheets and Printables

Our large bundles contain the worksheets listed x 4 Bible Verses!

Study the Word

Bible memory verse printables

EACH of the 4  Bible verses included in the monthly bundle contains:

A devotional

Bible verse memorization visual to recite the Word

Questions and definitions 

Work the Word printables

Further reading in God’s Word

Word Puzzles

Bible memory verse printables worksheets

Our Word Puzzle printables and worksheets help kids with visual and kinesthetic learning.  

Matching the Word

Fill in the Word

Piece the Word

Word Search

Word Scramble 

Word Art

Bible memory verse printables and worksheets

We love to include Art into all our Bible resources. EACH of the 4 Bible verses in the monthly theme have:

Draw the Word

Doodle the Word

Color the Word

Printables–  to color and make into book markers, paper chains, Bible verse pendants for a room banner, and Bible verse cards to display around the house for better memorization. 

Copy the Word

Remember the Word Copy the Word pages

Our Copy the Word Bible verse pages help kids with handwriting as they copy the Bible verses each week. We have created copy pages for: Primary who are first learning their letters with our

Trace the Word pages. 

Primary Copy pages



Our Mini Bundles contain all the worksheets listed x2 Bible verses

The mini Bible Memory Verse Bundles are themed to remind you of the relationship between God and you. These contain 2 Bible verses with all the worksheets and printables of the large, a bundle activity and an Art lesson.

How the Bible Memory Verse Bundles Work

Having a daily structure set up for kids helps them to not only establish good routines and habits, but allows them to look forward to what’s next. That’s why we love a daily time set aside to work on Bible verse memorization. 

But just memorizing Scripture is not enough. Kids need to know what the Bible verse means and how it applies to their life. Memorizing 1000 Bible verses is wonderful, but when you are hurt, angry, lonely or afraid, do you know what those verses mean? 

Will you remember those verses and apply them to your situation?  Maybe. But the truth is we all need to be reminded of what God’s Word tells us. 

That’s why guiding kids to know the Word and helping them remember it by working through multiple learning styles is important. 

Remember the Word Bible Memory Verse Bundles helps you establish a daily routine in all learning styles. 

Remember the Word Bible Memory Verse Bundles

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