Valentine’s Day Decor from the Christmas Clearance Aisle!

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 Can you believe it??? Already the shelves in stores have gone from Christmas to full blown Valentines Day.

Here is a little trick that I learned when shopping for seasonal decorations- hit those reduced Christmas clearance aisles for Valentine’s Day decor! 

Typically, Christmas colors are green and red. But through the years Christmas decorations have branded out into every color and style imaginable. Including plaids, glitter, metallic, patterned and rustic. 

When you think about Valentine’s Day the usually are colors red, pink and white. But what about using fun colors and patterns in your Valentine’s Day decor!  


Take advantage of the Christmas decorations you currently have or the clearance aisle decor from your favorite store to use in your Valentine’s decorations.  Many times in the reduced ornaments section of your store, you can find heart ornaments that can be used not only in December, but also in February. 

Look also for arrangements! Pull out the holly and whatever makes it feel like Christmas and remake it to fit Valentines. Then, you have a two for one arrangement. 

 I (Nina) like to keep the red theme in my kitchen decor for the month of January and February. Ihave used the silk hibiscus purchased from the Christmas clearance to decorate my island right into Valentines. 


Also, you can take those heart ornaments and use them as napkin rings on your table.  No need to change everything on your table, just give it a quick make-over.  


My dining room table has been beautiful since fall, with only a few changed  items.  My Hobby Lobby wooden sola flowers have been perfect for every season along with the burlap ruffle runner from the wedding section of Hobby Lobby and my Feed on the Word Bible verse dishes!




At Christmas, I added some metallic picks and gold balls from the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby.  This one action changed the overall look of the table with not much expense or effort. 

Add the Christmas ornament hearts as napkin rings and whaa la, you have a whole new Valentine look for your table decor. 

Decorating does not have to be an extravagant purchase, break your budget, or eating up all the time in your day. Just a bit of imagination and looking around to see how something can be used in a different way can lead to great decor.

Shop your home and the clearance section! 

 Forget Him Knot!