The Wedding And Three Blind Mice

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A wedding is always a beautiful time, filled with excitement for a happy couple. Especially when it is your child’s wedding! Carrie and I got the honor of creating a beautiful God filled wedding for her daughter .

Now, being wedding planners, we are familiar with what it takes to tame this beast from setting up tables, down to the last crumb swept from the floor.

Whenever we do anything together, God seems to always give us a little “thrill”. We get this term from Beth Moore who talked about getting “a thrill” from God in the form of a moose in her cabin window. After hearing her story, we are constantly looking for God’s little thrills in our lives!

Finding the “thrills” from God in life is always an adventure!

Ok, this may not be the best thrill for the weak at heart…..but understand,I grew up wanting to be Ellie Mae Clampet from the TV show the Beverly Hillbillies. I am an animal lover in every sense of the word. The only animals that I delight in squishing are a mosquito and a roach! So, for me, this story is a thrill from God!

The Friday before Carrie’s daughter’s wedding day, we were in full gear putting together the most beautiful reception venue. Our cars, trailers, and my van were loaded to bring all our goodies to decorate the room. We wound up using my van on several trips back and forth to Carrie’s house, bringing flowers and supplies. 

At one point in the afternoon, while putting together the food, we needed a sharpie marker…so we would know what was I each pan in the hot box. Carrie’s husband, Daniel went to my car to find my purse and retrieve the marker.

In the process of looking for the sharpie, Daniel opened my glove box. Coming back into the room, he had a sheepish grin on his face and showed me a picture of what he had seen in my glove box.

In my glove box, I have a soft orange mitt that I use to clean my dashboard.


Three blind mice at a wedding.

Curled up in the middle of that glove were three teeny tiny baby mice.

They were so small, naked, and with no eyes open. 


I just squealed,” We have a thrill”. Carrie gave me a look and stated, “I just want to know where the mother is!”

Well, none of us could answer that question….the van had been driven around all day. Was the mother back at home in my woods, still in the car, outside the venue????

Questions that are all legitimate, but I was fine with leaving the babies alone and just letting them ride with me.

That evening when I pulled I my driveway, it was dark, so I thought I would check on “my babies”. Slowly I opened the glove box door and shined my phone light onto the orange glove.

There I was met with the stare of two big brown eyes, two tiny round ears, and a little whiskered nose. “Momma”, I cried!! My second “thrill”.

I slowly closed the glove box and just left these little field mice to have a quiet evening together…after all, it had been quiet a busy day for the four mice!

The next morning, I got up to go put finishing touches on the venue and food. Yes, I can hear many of you now going, “But there are mice in your car!!!”

That thought did not bother me because I knew they were God’s thrill. I did however, slowly open the glove box to check on my family. Apparently, all the movement and commotion had caused Momma mouse to decide this might not be the best place for her babies.

They had been moved and my orange glove was empty. I Missed my buddies, but knew they had been taken to a better place.

Sometimes, God has to get our attention in a comical way. These little guys were created by God and used to give us a highlight to remember that God loves to give us a “thrill”.

           forget Him knot!


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