The Unfinished Web

Now, I know that God brings me little thrills and reminders of Him in strange ways, because there are just days like that….when I see something from a strange perspective. But, God laughs at me and shows me a reflection of Him in each thrill.

For those that have the tendency to lean toward arachnophobia, don’t look at the pictures, just enjoy the thrill!

This morning as I went out to check my mail, I was drawn to a huge spiderweb on the side of my house. As I got closer, I realized that the spider….yes, big and yucky, was in the process of building the web.

probably stood there for 5 minutes enthralled in watching him go round and round tediously connecting one piece of web silk to the stable pieces of silk. With each section, he would cut with his leg to connect the sections.

Around and around he went, filling in the beautiful artwork of a huge web.

Then, that moment when God said…..”Is this not what I am doing in your life?”

Like the web, I can see the beauty of the intricate patterns He has already woven in my life, because I can look back into the past.

Yet, the holes and gaps that I cannot see in the future are where He is still working.


Just like that spider filling in the web,

God is still filling in what I can’t see.

There is not a hole in the web, but a space for new design.

What is God doing?

Ok….if a spider does not thrill you, God took this moment up a notch when I went to take a picture. The only way I could capture the web was when it was in the sun and the sun was reflecting off the glistening web!

That Ahh Haa moment!

We need to look at what God is doing in our lives

through the reflection of His Son.

When I went to the other side to take a picture, I saw nothing, the web disappeared.

At the side where the sun was shining, I could see every detail, finished and unfinished. From that perspective, I could see what the spider had done in the past and realize the gaps were where he was still at work.

Today may we “knot” forget to remember that God is still weaving on our lives, filling what we may see as gaps”.

The only way for us to see what God is doing… is to allow His Son to shine in our lives. 

    forget Him knot!