High-er Maintenance


High-er Maintenance is our study of a girl’s guide to reverent beauty. We cannot even begin to pretend that we have this beauty “thang” all together. This study was written to remind ourselves that the earthly body we live in, even as it changes through the years, is not the beauty the LORD sees. To Him, what is in the heart determines beauty.

Every time we look in the mirror we may have to remind ourselves that our reflection is not about us.

As we researched to write this study, we realized that the definition of beauty was a state of mind. It’s subjective. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

How we see ourselves in the mirror is tainted by the fears and insecurities we have believed from the world.

True beauty is a woman who fears the LORD!

We need to change the way we think about ourselves when we look in the mirror and reflect the One who made us…the One who died for us. 

High-er Maintenance is divided into 6 sessions that can be used as a Bible study or for a girl’s retreat. Each lesson will walk you through a 7 step beauty treatment for the heart based on Bible verses. Each lesson concludes with a spa activity centered around God’s Word. 

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