Colorful Floral Praise-Coloring Pages


Each verse has been selected to encourage you in the Word and instill a heart of praise.

Each floral page was designed to inspire your creativity and prompt a moment of reflection reminding us all to forget not the Lord and all His benefits.

Flowers are a beautiful part of creation God has provided. Their colors, shapes, fragrances and textures are all unique, just like you!  Flowers have been given to others in gratitude, appreciation, love, encouragement and gathered together in bouquets. Flowers just make us happy, joyful and praise-ful!

A beautiful quote has stuck with us through the years:

“Friends are like flowers, you can never pick too many!”

Use these coloring pages for moments to be still and know God, as moments to relax and release creativity and moments to spend with someone you love. Share them as gifts, frame them and

create a gallery of floral praise!

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