AB See! Recite The Word


A B See! Recite the WORD is a creative approach to Scripture memorization. Our goal is finding creative ways to instill God’s Word in the hearts and minds of children. We’ve written this study as a resource to stimulate multiple learning styles.

We learned through our own children and homeschooling years that engaging visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles increases a child’s ability to retain the information presented. When that information is God’s Word… we increase not only a knowledge of Scripture, but an ability to use that understanding in their daily life and deepen their relationship with Jesus!

Memorizing Bible verses is important but knowing how those verses apply to your life is vital!

We’ve included multiple ways for you to use this Bible study and help you impact children of all ages, abilities and grade levels together.

A B See! Recite the WORD is a creative resource that engages the senses, increases Bible verse knowledge and compliments any course of study!

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