Laundry Room Makeover

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This laundry room makeover was so long overdue! I hesitated to even show pictures of the former laundry room because it was so cluttered! 

We called it the laundry room/pass through/ side door/ our main entrance/ pantry. But I also worried when guests visited thinking, “please oh please don’t let guest come to this door and see our chaotic mess with the bras hanging out to dry!” 


Oh how to describe the prior laundry room….. so many ways. 






My honest confession: It was the one room of the house that I would close off to guest, but unfortunately it was also the one room of the house my entire family entered!

First time guest we hope, walk up to the front door, but those returning….. usually knock on the laundry room door! UHH!  

I was so embarrassed at the chaos, thatI finally hung burlap curtains to try and hide the mess.

It just didn’t work. The room was always a mess. 

 Those stainless steel shelves at first were nice,  because they held so many items.  

And then the stainless shelving became an issue because they held so many items!


My family just couldn’t seem to replace items back in the baskets and bins I used to try and tame the mess. The open space of the shelving racks made appliances difficult to pick up and set back in place. 


The laundry room was long over due for a makeover!  

Hubby was called to help a friend replace their kitchen cabinets with a new set. He asked if I’d like to use the former cabinets somewhere!

Ummmm Hello?!! Of course I wanted them!

I didn’t even care what color they were just as long as I could reinvent the chaotic space! 

We had to measure and play around with the layout to fit the cabinets in the space just right. It works like a jig saw puzzle just heavier pieces!

 Then we added 2 2x10s cut to size and we split another one for the countertops. After installation, we sanded and stained the tops.  

 The red stained cabinets were then primed and painted with three coats of a country white while the countertops were stained a medium walnut. 


Over the washer and dryer we placed the 4 door set of kitchen cabinets we removed from the kitchen from the shiplap and open shelf project. 

 But my taupe walls?…. They had to go!

 We decided to paint some of the walls with an aqua blue and the rest with the same country white as the new cabinets. This is a long narrow room and I wanted to play with the color. 

But that night I was bored and adventurous…. so I painted the washing machine! 

Yes, “I painted the washing machine”.. well, actually I used markers. 

 I used my amazing Chameleon Pens on the front of my washing machine. They are alcohol based and allow you to infuse them to blend the colors together. 

 At first, I thought I would just outline a floral pattern to match the dark walnut floors. But then…….. I began to play!  


At first, I couldn’t decide when to stop and before I knew it, the whole front was an array of bright colors. 

  I also used Sharpie Markers in some areas, but they do not blend as well.

Dipping a Q-tip in alcohol allows you to play with the ink but it changes the base color rather than diluting it. So green tends to turn yellow rather than a lighter green.

The alcohol makers allow for easier cleaning. I can wipe the front clean with soap and water and it won’t wash off the flowers. If I use anything with an alcohol base, it would remove the artwork. 

And here is the new laundry room. The bright floral canisters are my daughters and we set them on the new counters for a pop of color.  


Now I want guest to see the room. I’m happy with the outcome because I know it’s bright and cheery. It makes me happy every morning just walking through it. Sometimes, I catch myself stopping and just enjoying the room.  





A few various sized canvas and a couple of scratched white plates are now covered in flowers to finish the room……. for now!  There’s always the dryer…… 

 Forget not the Lord!              

Floral coffee tables with stain markers

Wood cutting board with stain marker flowers