Inexpensive and Easy Chair Makeover!

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Have you ever have a piece of furniture that you love, but as time and your décor taste change, you wonder what will you do with it?

Carrie and I have learned the art of paint or a new piece of fabric, nail gun, screwdriver, and scissors and anything can be made new!

As I began changing my bathroom from a burgundy to a breath of recycled glass, I had a piece of furniture that I did not want to loose….especially since it was my “putting on makeup” chair.

Chair recovering is a quick makeover

The chair had classic lines that would fit any century, but the fabric on the chair was complementary to the old burgundy paint and did not work at all with a bright green spa feel bathroom. So, I found a piece of fabric that blended with my new décor.

By recovering the bottom of the chair, I created a whole new feel for the chair and the bathroom….and I did not pull out a paint brush for those that are intimidated by paint! A few skills with a screwdriver and nail gun and you can transform any fabric covered piece of furniture into the dream piece to fit whatever style you are tying to create!

How to makeover a chair with some inexpensive fabric and a staple gun.  

Step 1

Flip the chair over and remove the screws holding the chair seat to the chair’s frame. Usually, there are 4 screws, 1 in each corner.

Flip the seat over with the bottom side up.

Step 2

Remove the backing and staples with a staple remover or a flat head screw driver. 

If you are like me, you will discover that this is not the first time the chair has been recovered! As long as it is one layer, it’s fine to not remove it. Too many layers will not allow the screws to reach into the frame when you replace it.

Step 3

Use the removed piece of fabric to measure for the new fabric seat cover. Measure all sides. You can use to prior piece as a template while cutting.

Step 4

Cut each side being careful to keep the fabric flat. 

Both the old piece and the new piece should be the same size.

Step 5

I recommend ironing the fabric to rid it of wrinkles and to keep it flat.

Step 6

Set the fabric wrong side up.

Place the chair seat bottom side up and set on top of the new fabric. Make sure it’s centered on the fabric. 

Begin on one side and fold fabric tight but do not stretch the fabric.

Staple fabric across one chair side. Don’t go all the way to the corners!

Do this step on the adjacent side also. 

Pick a corner from that stapled row to begin and fold down the first point. Staple the point to the seat.

We used an electric stapler…. it’s so much easier on the hands! 


Step 7

Fold the right side of the point like you are creasing a sheet of paper. Keep it crisp and neat. Staple each fold with a couple of staples. 

Step 8

Use the same method to crease the left side of the point and staple.  

Turn the seat to the adjacent side and repeat the same steps. Once you have the two opposite sides stapled, you can turn the seat and repeat until all four sides of the seat are stapled. 

Now the seat is ready to reattach to the chair’s frame.


Have fun recovering and adding new life to a favorite chair and…. 

   forget Him knot