Layered Gallery Wall

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Layered Gallery Wall

We are not sure how something simple turned into a complete room makeover, but we now have a fantastic layered gallery wall as a result!

Have you ever purchased one new piece of art or furniture and realized as much as you love it, it doesn’t go with anything in your house?  

So you give it to someone else right? 

Nope…. you rearrange the furniture, repaint or redo the entire room around this loved piece of art because you WILL make it work! It’s a domino effect. Changing one thing means changing everything!

That may or may not have been what happened here. Neither one one of us can remember if it was the art or the furniture… but nothing is the same in the room, so the end result is all that matters! (smile)

 Needless to say, there was “something” new purchased and it didn’t really match, so we changed the entire room to accommodate…. update the living room space. 

Nina’s house has always been more of a traditional style. After we added reclaimed wood to the fireplace, she seems to continue adding more and more farmhouse items to the room.

Little by little the living room has become less and less traditional! It’s homey and cozy now. 

 But this necessitated the removal of the piano….. which led to the removal of the old art…. which meant a trip to Hobby Lobby! Amen! 

We love their Bible verse art for the wall!

Confession time. We don’t measure and weren’t really concerned with the spaces between or around the art work. 

Our focus was making sure we evenly distributed the metals, wood and wording” across the wall.

 If you feel the need to measure, there’s great resources on Pinterest for setting up a gallery wall!

Use art that is special to you and brings you good memories 

Nina’s grandmother had painted these pieces of art many years ago, but because they didn’t go along with her traditional home style, she never hung them. But the colors were so dreamy and the memories too good to leave in the attic! 

Taking a cue from Layla over at the Lettered Cottage (she’s someone we’ve never met but she makes you feel like you’ve known her for years) we decided to layer the gallery wall. She gave us the idea to expand the depth of the art with wood. 

Layering the art allows the smaller paintings to “stand out” a bit from the wall. Plus it’s stinking interesting! 2x4s scraps were cut to make the 3D effect.

How to create a layered gallery wall

First one scrap piece was nailed to the wall (into a stud), then we nailed the next piece to that one.We actually have a couple of them 3 pieces deep!

Next a nail was placed into the outer scrap piece so we could hang the artwork from it. 

One of the larger pieces is a poster from Hobby Lobby as well as the poster frames. The other larger piece is a poster we had printed from a picture made by a friend.

Other than the paintings from her grandmother, all the art pieces came from Hobby Lobby. 

Why make a frame from scratch when you can buy art work already framed?

Check out the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby!

These flower wood framed art pieces were $3.00!!!!  We can’t make them for less! The wood framing was perfect for the room. 

Unfortunately, the flower pots were black and white designs that were too harsh for the gallery wall’s neutral theme. We just cut galvanized looking scrapbook paper to cover over the black and white. Flowers added a pop of color!

We can change the artwork whenever the mood strikes by adding a painting inside the frame, fabric, scrapbook paper or even metal designs! Now the possibilities are endless! 

The best part of the repurposed art is that you can change pieces out with the seasons so the wall will be constantly rotating! 

Shop the look at Hobby Lobby! *affiliate links

If the signs are not on sale this week, make sure you use your Hobby Lobby app for the 40% off coupon.We never pay full price!

Pray Without Ceasing Art/  1 Thessalonians 5:17

You will be blessed art/ Deuteronomy 28:6   

   forget Him knot!     

For free printable to use in your layered gallery wall, visit our freebie library!