Easy DIY Ship lap wall art with a Bible verse.

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In the midst of doing a bathroom remodel, I also needed an art work remodel! To stay budget friendly, Carrie and I created a large piece of art work….with the assistance of my husband to hang over the garden tub.

We created wall art from ship lap and added a Bible verse to it with vinyl decals we purchased at Hobby Lobby.



In order to be a bit frugal, we purchased unfinished pine wood flooring from Lumber Liquidators.

 The tongue and groove allows the boards to hold together and form the backing for our art. At the time, the cost was $1.29 a square foot!


How to create a ship lap wall art piece 

Connect the boards together with the tongue and groove installing process.

Next step,  lightly sand the wood with sandpaper to roughen up the surface of the wood.

With the board put together, you have the option of using either side. Because of the tongue and groove, the boards can fit together and be smooth or the opposite side has a groove in the joints.


Hubby put the boards together by using nailing pieces of wood on the back of the boards stabilizing the wood flooring. (similar to the picture below)


Painting ship lap wall art

For our project, we used the flat side of the boards.

Once sanded, take a white paint that you have watered down a bit and paint the wood.

The paint will soak into the sanded wood, resulting in a white wash finish. The water will keep the paint transparent.

Wipe away any excess paint with a paper towel or you can use a wet rag to dilute any heavy areas.




Add a Bible verse to your ship lap wall art

Now, Carrie, being the artist that she is, could free lance wording and it would look absolutely gorgeous. Me on the other hand, the vinyl decals at Hobby Lobby are my friend.

I purchased a vinyl wall decor Scripture and used that to do my writing.

My handwriting is so bad, that when I got married, my mother would not let me address my wedding invitations!!!

Hobby Lobby has such a great selection of Bible verses and quotes…it’s hard to choose!

Decide where you want to place the wording, then follow the directions from the vinyl decal.

Using the included hard plastic card, rub the words so that they stick to your surface.

Peel away the waxy paper for a beautifully written Scripture…. and you don’t have to have great penmanship!


Add 3-D elements to your ship lap wall art

For this project, we found a set of wooden birds at Hobby Lobby, washed them in a pale blue, and glued them to the art work.

Finished product is a beautiful wooden- white washed art piece  with Scripture…that I enjoy every time I am in my new bathroom!”

Forget not the Lord!