Circles of Love…. A Dog's Perspective


Being the animal lover that I am, God is constantly using the animals around me to bring “thrills” and reminders of how He is at work in my life.

They were created before man, named by man, and put on this planet for a purpose. 

So I have no doubt that our Heavenly Father uses these creatures to teach us life lessons. My dog show me love in a new perspective….circles!

A dog’s perspective of love 

We have a 1978 trailer that we have on a piece of family land at the river. For those of you that have a “second place”, you know that just means extra upkeep because you are not always there.


One of the “upkeep” things that I love to do at the lake….other than making sure the swing at the gazebo works…is cutting grass. My husband has designed a fun way to cut where you just ride in circles.

That plan allows me to utilize the riding tractor while he goes for detail with the weed eater.

Now God, in His infinite wisdom and sense of humor, brought this rescue dog into our family. We named him Douglas because he reminded my son of the dog on the movie “Up”.

He is a smart mutt as he has golden retriever and German Shepard in his blood line. When my son brought him home as a lost puppy at a football game, he promised that he would totally take care of the dog.

Yes, laugh now, at times all we who are Moms have had the word “sucker” written on or foreheads!

Well, guess who Douglas follows around, keeps in constant view, and sleeps on the floor beside their bed.


Now, when we go to the river, Douglas is my best bud. Anywhere I am, he is! If I am in the swing, he is laying in the sandbox close. If I am in the house, he is in the house with me. If we are in the boat, he is in the boat…right beside me. One this particular day, Douglas took being close to me to a new definition.

Circles of love  

As I got on the riding lawn mower to cut grass, Douglas followed. He started to try and walk beside me, but quickly realized that was going to be a long walk! So, he decided to sit down, in the center of the circle where I was cutting grass.

As I went round and round him, he would just follow with his eyes. I continued to cut the whole yard with a dog sitting in the middle of my circle until I finished!

 God is the center of my life

God showed me himself in Douglas and where I need to be! With God as the center of my life, my “going around in what feels like circles” has meaning.

Not one point in our life is God not constantly watching us and has us in his care. In our distractions of life we need to forget not the Lord and His place in our life.

The center!

We need to remember that nothing in our lives is not watched over by His loving eyes.

      forget Him knot!